N Calls Everyone

N Calls Everyone

ANNOUNCING the Voice Actors and @Saberspark as the host for GLITCHX’s Voice Actor Gameshow segment!
The voice actors are gonna say some weird stuff, im sure there’ll be no consequences 🤠

MORE INFO: http://glitchexpo.com

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37 Responses

  1. GLITCH says:

    The voice actors are gonna say some weird stuff, im sure there’ll be no consequences 🤠
    Be sure to tune into GLITCHX from 4pm PST on the 9th November to not miss out!
    MORE INFO: http://glitchexpo.com


    i love how michael has connections with practically anyone and everyone, its brilliant how he links all these series together:)

  3. Siames Soda says:

    Seeing Ed and Michael together AND WITH WEBCAM brings me so much joy, not only that but seeing the Lackadaisy and TADC characters also being involved is amazing

  4. Brastion Skywarrior says:

    Its nice to see web animation getting successful. Hopefully this starts a new renaissance of indie animation

    • EnderCorePL says:

      Indie games and indie animation are both more successful by the day. They’re created with much more passion than the big studio/AAA stuff.

  5. Jeremy B. says:

    I was NOT expecting the legendary legless Saberspark to show up here. Literally flew back in my chair. He’s done so much in shining light on the animation industry, he absolutely deserves to be at the forefront of this all!

  6. What's This? says:

    I like how Jax and N barely sound any different, yet they are treated as two different characters still

    • Itz_milki. says:

      For me these are very different characters, N is more understanding and loving, and Jex is very narcissistic and daring.

    • What's This? says:

      @Itz_milki. No, I mean like, no one notices that they’re from the same person or whatever. They just accept that they’re still completely two different characters and they can’t be related, even though they’re from one person (even though Jax is aware of that lol)

    • Itz_milki. says:

      @What’s This? Oh, I also would like not to know that they are voiced by one person, because the characters are different(I’m sorry if there are mistakes, I’m Russian, i am only 13 years)

    • שם כלשהו says:

      While their voices are pretty similar they have different voice mannerisms I feel

    • Itz_milki. says:

      @שם כלשהוme too

  7. Nathaniel Fagner says:

    Michael could very easily keep an entertaining conversation with himself with the variety of characters he has under his belt at this point. Hes got some insane range with his portfolio

  8. Coredai says:

    Micheal just casually voicing 3 characters at once is brilliant tbh

  9. Yetr says:

    The fact that Michael can swap between these distinctly different voices and personalities on the fly just shows how talented he truly is. I legitimately cheered when he did the Rocky voice. Lol

  10. Golden god 777 says:

    Seeing all the show creator’s coming together is amazing

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