Napoli vs. Juventus: Extended Highlights | Serie A | CBS Sports Golazo

Napoli vs. Juventus: Extended Highlights | Serie A | CBS Sports Golazo

Napoli quickly bounced back after the Inter loss by breezing past Sampdoria. Juventus jumped to second place with their eight consecutive shutout win.

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30 Responses

  1. Genesis David says:

    Dimaria is so underrated. His teammates just didn’t want it as much as he did. Credit to Napoli though

  2. P Sims says:

    You can’t even say it was Kvara, Oshimen, it was everyone. Mario Rui is Napoli through and Through. These guys all played to win. Forza Napoli

  3. ESM says:

    Man, this Napoli defense is probably one of the best this season. Rui, Kim, Di Lorenzo and Amir 🔥

  4. Chrollo 😴 says:

    This is another life’s vision for Napoli again, they deserve this title

  5. Tom Odul says:

    Napoli has a real team where everyone works for the success of the team. No time for individual accolades but success of the team which makes everyone of them looks great.

  6. Prosper Omiponle says:

    It’s Kvara’s name that’s being heard everywhere (which is fully deserved) but Osimhen’s impact in this team is going DEEP under the radar.

  7. Andres Losada says:

    Goodness. Napoli’s defense was a brick wall, unbreakable. The attack, kvara can get passed anyone in front of him, doesn’t matter. His playmaking is unimaginable. Osimhen playing like Haaland, strong, fast, athletic, and amazing positioning. Really hope Napoli can get the ucl, would be a great story

    • GetxMuted says:

      @Stan Smith I can guarantee you that if Napoli can continue on this form, they will win Serie A, and to me I see them in the top 4 of the champions league alongside Madrid, City and psg

    • Saket Dumbre says:

      Shouldn’t count out Bayern Munchen either!

    • Arslan Sandybekov says:

      I’m a Juve fan, however, I think Napoli is the strongest team right now, hands down.

    • KC O says:

      I would love seeing them win it over Real Madrid, PSG, and Man city. They all look like they are having fun playing with each other. No egos

    • Stan Smith says:

      Keep in mind this team is in the Champions league still.. it’s gonna be interesting to see how far they’ll make it

  8. Freddy Nzoga says:

    Juve’s defense is a colander. Krara’s a baller and Osihmen a beast

  9. Jaesung Lee says:

    It is a pure joy to watch how this Napoli team plays.

  10. John Kennedy Ekene says:

    Maybe y’all don’t know Luciano Spaletti and his tactics. He’s always been an all attack guy. He ain’t scared of no one. That’s why his team got mauled by United back in the day. But that team was soooooooo free and flowing, their game was amazing. He’s been ana amazing coach and I’m glad he sits tight on the top this time around.
    When I get bought the entire world, Roma had regular very good players and they finished second for like 4 years straight. He doesn’t go for your messi and Ronaldo, he goes for what he needs and it’s always worked for him…

    • Daniel Kim says:

      But tactics need to be adjust and aim for plan B depends opponents styles, reason why not able to advance above quarter finals in UCL.. hope he can do better this time

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