NBA Youngboy – Change

NBA Youngboy – Change

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  1. See MY 18+ PHOTOS HERE 👇 says:


    A música que eu mais gostei ele fez um vídeo clipe muito foda 🇧🇷🔥🎶🎧

  2. positive vibez says:

    This consistency is incredible. Not only is he releasing new music almost every week, he’s doing it with passion and dedication. He’s truly on top of the game rn and I couldn’t be more proud. 🔥💯

  3. Greenzn says:

    Desde “i don’t talk” ele estava com o tom diferente, e agora em “change” parece que nem é ele que canta, e isso está sensacional. GOAT🐐🐐🐐

  4. Trapizonn says:

    God damn a few years back i wasn’t the craziest fan but this man has been winning me over every day. He is so consistent and he helps fill in the void musically that x and juice left behind.

  5. Crystal Sanchez says:

    Dam u feel his pain frustration and what he’s going through.. I love how he puts it on a track and i hope it heals his pain.
    Hes always bringing new vibes and different sounds.. wish u the best to And ur family

  6. ImBadKidTalan says:

    This man will be remembered for Generations

  7. Anderson Marinero Miranda says:

    Idc what anyone said but your music is remedy for my life man every day I wake up and I listen to you every day and I can feel it sometimes makes me cry no joke my brother keep going you’re one of them king 👑 💚💚💚💚In YB We trust

  8. Nba Kevin says:

    Escuchar tanto su música , creo que conecte mi cerebro con el justo ayer CHANGE era la palabra que escribía 🚬🔥😔

  9. Khalie Chimex says:

    If you relate to this song, you a real one, get yourself together and keep going 💯💚, time for real niggas to win 🥇 💚💚💚💚

  10. TayQuan Jackson says:

    Since 2017 I been locked in with dudes music. Went from streaming you on my ps4 to watching you become the biggest artist in the world.

    Back against the wall , through the critics. YoungBoy on top. 🐐🐐

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