Nick doesn’t think he’ll ever get over Chiefs 27-24 OT loss to Bengals | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Nick doesn’t think he’ll ever get over Chiefs 27-24 OT loss to Bengals | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

After an electric AFC Championship game, Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals are headed to the Super Bowl, defeating the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime 27 to 24. Nick Wright is doing terribly. Watch as he relives the biggest moments from the game, and what he thought of Patrick Mahomes’ performance in what could be the worst loss of their career.

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Nick doesn’t think he’ll ever get over Chiefs 27-24 OT loss to Bengals | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First

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41 Responses

  1. First Things First says:

    Listen to People’s Sports Podcast:

    • Tim Soom says:

      that’s what happens when you bad mouth a true Dynasty

    • Happy Kev says:

      @Shashton Wilson that’s what I’m saying genius. I literally just said Brady faced a better team. you have the reading comprehension of a five year old. Go listen to your dad Nick wrong

    • beefer454 says:

      love wildes takes.truth and some levity.enjoy watching.

    • KD Bmore says:

      Nick talked about the Bill’s mental State coming into the next season. Wonder how the Chiefs mental state is now after blowing a 18pt lead in the AFC Championship game.

    • Shashton Wilson says:

      Hahahahahah lmfao bozo no one is sad that Mafraud and the chiefs won’t be in the SB lmak that’s what happens when you’re cocky. Brady>>>> so don’t ever dare try and compare.

  2. hmak2009 says:

    This segment really delivered, seeing Nick Wrong brought back to reality is amazing. Kudos to him for taking it all. You can’t preordain a dynasty! You become one first. So as it stands the chiefs since first SB WIN: WIN in SB, Loss in SB, Loss in AFC Championship. That makes them two years removed from a SB, NOT a dynasty, but still an elite team.

    • Michael Stone says:

      @Patrick Bailey that’s what I was going to say 4 straight Super bowls and no one considereds them a dynasty

    • Real says:

      @Charlie Mack you just dont want to admit your wrong. Well let me break it down for you the Cowboys in the 90s what’s a dynasty the 49ers with Montana was a dynasty Pittsburgh back in the 70s was a dynasty New England and the 2000s what’s a dynasty do your Google’s and educate yourself cuz obviously you’re just young and ignorant and don’t know what you’re talkin about.. so we’re not just talking about the Patriots we’re talkin about winning three or more Super Bowls in a 4or 5 year span makes a dynasty fool..

    • Real says:

      @Charlie Mack you must be young and just talking to get a reaction. 3 or more in a 4 or 5 year period is a dynasty fool. What don’t you understand?? Good grift bots on the internet are truly brain dead.

    • Brendacho says:

      @Joey Cifelli I use words like guys, dude, bruh, and similar in a gender-neutral manner. I guess I just find it hard to believe a college graduate would call people morons with 0 data to back it up

    • MrOshea81 says:

      @Pedro Hippocaus agreed!!! I said the same thing. No one did or dose consider the Bills a dynasty.

  3. Tom Kim says:

    On one side, you’ve got a team that hasn’t been to the Super Bowl in like 30 years. On the other side, you’ve got a team led by a QB who’s been through like 12 years of despair in Detroit. Arguably the most unlikely matchup out of those 4 remaining teams, but the most intriguing by far

    • HotHeaded GAMERS says:

      Let’s go for JOE BORROW he really has been putting on shows all year and the Bengals are the funniest to watch so much energy.

    • Andrew Leavitt says:

      @Mr Millennium 26 The Queen City is just a nickname for a place that is the largest in the state, but NOT the capital of the state. Even in this two team matchup, LA is a Queen City too…

    • Mr Millennium 26 says:

      @Isaiah Watkins Charlotte NC is the Queen City

    • David Kramer says:

      As a Bengals fan the only consolation to losing would be seeing Whitworth and Stafford getting one. Like losing to Brady, Rodgers or the 49ers again would’ve been rough…that being said WHO DEY!!!

    • Isaiah Watkins says:

      @Mr Millennium 26 Cincinnati is not a little town, it’s the Queen City

  4. Justin Burt says:

    Ever since end of the game last night, we’ve all been wondering how Nick was going to handle the day today. Everybody else looks so happy ha ha.

  5. GH0ST_ says:

    When you wake up everyday believing “there’s no possible way my team can lose” every week, of course you’re going to think this is the worst loss ever. You did this to yourself Nick. And Chris tried to warn you.

  6. David Yang says:

    the thing that makes mahomes special is also what led to his downfall. The overconfidence in his own abilities was what led to that red zone stop, some of the terrible sacks he took, the interceptions, and it cost them the game. Going forward he really has to start taking what the opponents give him rather than trying to be superman every night.

    • c j says:

      Mahomes doesnt have true greatness true greatness doesn’t choke in superbowls and afc Championships. True greatness stays hungry and is never satisfied and doesnt get cocky and content mafraud is done

    • Jaevion Brewer says:

      I agreee ☝🏾

  7. Christian Franco says:

    Lmfao I Love How Chris Was Basically Giving Nick The I Told You So Speech 😂😂😂

  8. Ebenezer Akinbowale says:

    I remember when Nick’s reaction when Chris had Mahomes on the BUD list. The pressure got to hi and he was certainly under duress in that AFCCG.

  9. Olympia Lowlife says:

    I feel ya! As a Seahawks fan I will never get over that SB loss. RUN LYNCH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!

  10. Chaitanya Adiga says:

    Feel for chiefs fans because I do love the team they built. But as Chris said, never underestimate your opponent. Congrats to burrow and the bengals, they were picked to be last in their division and now in his second year he’s leading THAT franchise to a Super Bowl well done

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