(NO REMATCH!!) Crawford is the SUPERIOR Fighter!

(NO REMATCH!!) Crawford is the SUPERIOR Fighter!

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19 Responses

  1. Delvis Damon says:

    It was hard to see him lose so badly. He looked 20yrs older in the face from the damage. I picked Bud but I’m praying for Spense!!

    • DNYCE dnyce says:

      It really was im BuD guy I know Errol wont say it ,that car Accident took alot from him. Errol is a warrior 💯

    • Wesley Livewire says:

      Just like Spence was sending ppl to the hospital after facing him ! I think he need’s special attention now from a doctor after that spectacular masterpiece Crawford put on him last night; hope he’s ok.

    • JC Superstar says:

      @DNYCE dnyce I will always contend that the car accident did significant damage to him physically and neurologically. Listen to how he talks.

    • Ezequiel Almaraz says:

      @Wesley Livewire agreed!!! Something is up with Spence the way he talked in the post conference was horrible I felt so bad

    • Wesley Livewire says:

      @Ezequiel Almaraz that was all an embarrassment post fight interview bcuz of all the shit talking. He was the pronounced monster right the boogie man the weight bully. But was exposed on every level.

  2. Mela Barlow says:

    As a Bud fan I couldn’t help but feel bad for Errol. He is a great fighter and for him to take this challenge after a eye surgery that really shows his heart. I really hope he bounces back from this

    • Billy Tymes says:

      I can’t even watch the highlights , that’s how bad I feel for EJ🤦🏽‍♂ and the way he made it look so damn easy!! knowing that he can’t beat that style makes it worse!! No lie, when TC pounded the Rip Trent on the walk out w the face he made, I knew it was over.

    • Art Delgado says:

      I really don’t get it. Bud struggled with lesser opponents like a one legged benavidez and other guys. Bud never looked so good and Spence never looked so bad.

  3. ILLEST RATED says:

    Crawford looked amazing. 6 week training camp + an additional 2 weeks with a strength & conditioning team. He was sharp. Goosebumps performance

  4. Robby Vasquez says:

    I’ve been saying it for the last 10 years.. Terrance Crawford has no weaknesses! He’s fast, he’s strong, has incredible timing, he has power in both hands and at all angles.. he’s the best.

  5. Art Delgado says:

    It was heart breaking to see a humble dude like Spence take that beating.

  6. Mitch Feral says:

    That shove really was a chilling moment. I had thought Spence looked a little lighter in the shoulders than normal, but his legs looked thick enough, so I figured it was just a shift in the regimen – but that shove was shocking. Kudos to the commenter, whose name I sadly do not recall, who was talking yesterday about Crawford’s extensive history with wrestling, and how Crawford is a lot stronger than people give him credit for – they were right! I knew Bud had the edge in striking power, and that it was more than Spence had seen before, but he manhandled Spence the whole night. Shrugged off his his best punches, turned him and put him on the ropes – shocking. But the noise out of the crowd at the shove was something else.

  7. Rob P. says:

    Spence don’t even believe he can beat Crawford in a rematch all he said was that he would do better.He never said once after the fight that he feels he can beat Bud. He’s only looking for the payday at this point 🤷🏾‍♂️. He clearly don’t want those belts back I guess Strap season is over 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Pastor Gino Jennings Plus says:

    The Biggest take away for me started when I heard Bud thank God at the final press conference and EJ thanked his parents. And afterwards he did the same! Amazing.

  9. D Hussain says:

    Finally we get the win… Crawford deserves every last bit of success that boy deserves everything.. he such a hard working God gifted fighter …its the Crawford ERA #FishFried

  10. Curious Jorge says:

    First I wanna say this…. AHHHH! 😨 bro what a dominant performance. I knew Crawford was going to win in the first round. It was crazy because I saw the speed and footwork and timing of bud.
    I was like… yea it over. I was sad watching the whole fight. But dang congrats bud! You have earned my respect, and you have a new fan!

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