Now And Then – The Last Beatles Song (Short Film Trailer)

Now And Then – The Last Beatles Song (Short Film Trailer)

Now and Then’s eventful journey to fruition took place over five decades and is the product of conversations and collaborations between the four Beatles that go on to this day. The long mythologised John Lennon demo was first worked on in February 1995 by Paul, George and Ringo as part of The Beatles Anthology project but it remained unfinished, partly because of the impossible technological challenges involved in working with the vocal John had recorded on tape in the 1970s. For years it looked like the song could never be completed. But in 2022 there was a stroke of serendipity. A software system developed by Peter Jackson and his team, used throughout the production of the documentary series Get Back, finally opened the way for the uncoupling of John’s vocal from his piano part.

As a result, the original recording could be brought to life and worked on anew with contributions from all four Beatles. This remarkable story of musical archaeology reflects The Beatles’ endless creative curiosity and shared fascination with technology. It marks the completion of the last recording that John, Paul and George and Ringo will get to make together and celebrates the legacy of the foremost and most influential band in popular music history.

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Video Director: Oliver Murray
Producers: Jonathan Clyde and Sophie Hilton
Original score: Paul Englishby

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37 Responses

  1. one lonely pebble says:

    What a time to be alive right now… I’m so glad Paul and Ringo went back to finish this song. George and John are so sadly missed…

    • Jade Martin says:

      Better to be alive during 1963-1970.

    • one lonely pebble says:

      @Jade Martin oh yeah. To be around when they dominated the music scene would’ve been an incredible time.

    • imemine says:

      .. I disagree, it’s nowhere near good enough.. totally underwhelmed by today’s announcement

    • imemine says:

      ​.. Well I was around.. unfortunately I was only a baby

    • JStarStar00 says:

      @one lonely pebble
      It was. I was 5 when they appeared on Ed Sullivan and I remember it very well. We were at my grandmas birthday party and none of the adults could believe these crazy long haired singers and girls screaming. They all said, “ahh everybody will forget about it in two weeks.”
      Well … that was 60 years ago (almost).

  2. Irvin Vanderbilt👽🛸 says:

    The Beatles la mejor banda de todos los tiempos y así seguirán por siempre, que viva la beatlemania. ✌️😎🙏

  3. godspeed says:

    I wrote my final paper on British rock solely so I could dedicate a few pages to the Beatles. To be 19 years old in this day and age and to experience hearing this without any sort of re-release seems insane to me, but for life long fans it must feel even better. Also “the last beatles song” breaks my heart, I wish I had a chance to hear them live all together, but I’d settle for a Paul and Ringo tour any day ❤️

    • Jay J says:

      Having got excited about Free as a Bird/ Real Love I was disappointed. Hope for your sake this is better cause where there’s money to be made, don’t expect Helter-Skelter or Dear Prudence, it won’t be.

    • HashTheDuck says:

      @Jay J To be honest, I personally always really loved Real Love.

    • CP says:

      @HashTheDuck Me, too. I have always thought it be a really good song as well, done in a very Beatles-esque way that could have appeared on any of a few prior albums.

  4. The VØ.X Project says:

    So many of us can proudly and happily repeat Paul’s words: “How lucky was I to have those men (The Beatles) in my life!”

  5. TheRockNRollGamer95 says:

    I’m so thankful that Paul and Ringo never gave up on this unreleased song, after the recording didn’t work out during the Anthology sessions. Thank you so much John, Paul, George, and Ringo ✌️ 💕. Long Live The Beatles

  6. Samuel Jiménez says:

    Los Beatles después de tantos años, y siguen siendo tendencia.
    NO HAY NI HABRÁ alguien como ellos. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. RMS Titanic says:

    So glad I grew up in the 60’s and grew up with the Beatles. I salute the four of you. Your music is timeless and sounds as fresh today as when first released. And a special nod to Paul and Ringo for still acknowledging the days of their great band, and close friends and band members, John and George. ✌️ FAB.

  8. Lennard says:

    Before I will listen to the last The Beatles song ever, I want to tell how much the Beatles meant and mean to me!
    When I was 5, I looked through some CDs of my dad and I stopped on one CD and asked my dad: “Who are these four funny looking guys?”. He said they are The Beatles! When I gave it a listen! The sudden “HELP!” scared me a bit but I got into the damn groove! Now, 8 years later, I’m collecting basically everything from the Beatles and they have changed my life so much! I’ll think about them every now and then.

    • Rock and Roll Woman says:

      That’s awesome! I was about 8 when I bought my first Beatles record – a 45 – in 1963.
      All these years later, with CDs, vinyl, DVDs, and books, I am still listening to Beatles music. I have come to appreciate it even more as I’ve learned what musical pioneers they were – and still are. 💙💙💙💙

  9. Fenderman1027 says:

    I’m 24 and without the Beatles I wouldn’t have survived my upbringing. They brought joy into some of my most darkest times and I am beyond grateful that I get to be alive for a brand new release. Long live the Beatles!

  10. Ric says:

    At 70 years old, the Beatles music has been part of the soundtrack of my life. Now, with a final release of a new original Beatles song, my only disappointment will be that all these decades later, this is finally the end. Thank you boys for the incredible memories of my life that come back every time I hear a Beatles song.

    • Deanosaur says:

      It might not be the end. Paul might have some demo’s stashed away that he is afraid to release while he is still alive 😅

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