I Got Sued by Nintendo

I Got Sued by Nintendo

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46 Responses

  1. Cooper Williams says:

    Nintendo trying to act like a governing body for this is insane

  2. Kyle Nelson says:

    They should have absolutely zero control over a group of people getting together and deciding to play a game they own.

    • Daniel Zhang says:

      Not going to say I agree or disagree with it, but it’s more about how their product is represented in media. Ferrari won’t even sell their car to you unless you meet many requirements.

    • WitlessMystic says:

      ​@Daniel Zhang but Nintendo has already sold it, so what you do with your copy of a game is your business

    • Daen says:

      @WitlessMystic That’s not how that works. Nintendo owns the intellectual property of the game they can act like this when it pertains to it being used in a public venue – private and public are two different things. Just because other companies choose not to what Nintendo does – doesn’t mean that what there doing is against the law. Is it a scum bag thing to do? Obviously; not very good for customer relations.

      Modding however when its distributed beyond it being private is something all companies have the ability to send cease and desists and even sue if they refused to do so. Most companies look the other way so as long as money is not being made of mods (or their IP in general) but when money is involved its all hands of and they go for it – with few weird exceptions here and there. Technically when you modify pre-existing code from their IP and upload it online you don’t even ‘legally’ own it.

      Nintendo is rather zealous in defending their IP because if you don’t defend it as so, or at least appear to be doing that you can lose it. Imagine if they lost the IP to Mario because they allowed every Tom, Dick and Harry to do what they want with it. This is what is driving Nintendo to act the way they do.

    • TheChadnesss says:

      @Daen No that is exactly how it works, you bought and for a product and can use how ever the fuck you want, if ntindo has problem then they can just not sell the product.

  3. Rainbow Nati says:

    Japanese companies abusing their shitty, antiquated copyright laws will never not be absolutely disgusting.

    • Anthony M says:

      Not sure how as a Japanese company, enforce those same laws in the United States unless they both have similar laws?

  4. Trevor Smith says:

    If there is one thing Nintendo cannot tolerate, it’s people enjoying their products in ways that they did not specifically intend.

    • D YellowMadness says:

      Or even in ways they did specifically intend, considering one of the main things Nintendo usually does when making a sequel is remove gameplay elements & content from earlier installments without replacing them with anything.

    • L64bros says:

      What about the smash community getting exposed for having p3dos and predators behind the scenes?

    • jrelyea828 says:

      @L64brosthat’s like every gaming/furry based community at this point lol 🤢

  5. MEEPdragon says:

    Just for clarification, Ludwig misread that clause about organizers. He thought it was talking about how much organizers are allowed to make it was actually about how much prize money organizers are allowed to GIVE over a year long period. In another clause, they say organizers are not allowed to make money from the tournament that exceeds the costs to run it

  6. Boop Sensei says:

    This is insane when you consider Nintendo isn’t even giving money to help fund any of these events. Goddamn the Smash scene can’t catch a break with this company.

  7. Pixel Whisper says:

    love how nintendo themselves ignore and don’t do smash tournaments, but are also hell bent on ruining the community run events

    • Junior says:

      ‘f you for doing these events but we won’t be doing these events. Also, would you like to give us money?’

    • Giulio Ceresini says:

      Nintendo hates that their games have a competitive community. They always targeted casual gaming and they get worked up at the existence of hardcore players.
      They think Smash should be played with item and stage effects, Pokemon competitive needs to be double battle because of reasons and they will take this opinions to the grave.

    • Syan says:

      ​@Giulio Ceresinibecause double battles are better for tournaments
      Could you imagine waiting for a stall singles team to be over in a tournament as big as worlds

    • Majestic Flounder says:

      I don’t regret at all not giving any money to Nintendo since the big copyright controversy last fall or whenever it was. They’re such a nonsense company now. Their abusive handling of customer relations and their egregious exploitation with their mobile games is too much. If one is so inclined, everything you could get on a Switch can be found online or bought from a reseller store like Gamestop.

    • gdawgs101 says:

      ​@SyanThat’s not the point. Nintendo shouldn’t be able to decide that, the ruleset should be up to the community

  8. marshySSBU says:

    the same way that foreign companies evade US laws frequently, we should be able to say “no, don’t care” and do it anyway with no consequences like being sued.

    • Dark King Astos says:

      You can if you just have the tournaments in countries that think Japan sucks.. and a lot do

    • BH_Quicksilver says:

      Nintendo is also an American company, though…..

    • R.U.E. Entertainment Productions says:

      @BH_Quicksilver Nintendo is based, was created, and is located in Japan.

    • BH_Quicksilver says:

      @R.U.E. Entertainment Productions you should do some research before being so confident. They have an entire American company. It’s called, wait for it, Nintendo of America.

    • R.U.E. Entertainment Productions says:

      ​@BH_Quicksilver oh no i misread your comment! i thought it said “Nintendo is an American company” and I interpreted it as “nintendo was made in America” not “Nintendo is *also* an american company” and was also established in US, my bad!

  9. Montan says:

    I feel like every time the Nintendo game developers drop a banger game, the Nintendo lawyers are required to pull some bullshit like this, as if to keep the general reputation of the company neutral

    • Efrain Astorga says:

      During the Wii U era I was always _this close_ to getting one for the games, but then they either pulled some legal shit or they put some inane restriction that made no sense.
      Switch era? Joycon Drift and how they’ve gone through 3.5 (.5 is non-hack non-redbox, lasted only a month, priorities) Switch revisions with zero efforts to fix. Single issue before I considered anything.

    • Houra Gents says:

      Nintendo needs to do this to keep the extremely toxic Smash community in line.

    • Zon Damac Studios says:

      Their games aren’t sure-fire bangers either, at least not nowadays – in the past decade or so Nintendo games have started to alternate between hits and misses, so that redeeming quality is gone as well. Now Nintendo’s reputation is worsened by its legal team, and its games aren’t good enough on average to balance it out – they’re slipping into purely negative territory by now.

    • Scuba Steve says:

      @Houra Gents nice bait

  10. Braylan says:

    I can’t believe we still have to deal with this. I dream of a day where they would just leave us alone.

    • emikochan13 says:

      they’ll leave you alone if you stop playing their games 😀

    • Zealeos says:

      Nintendo has lost me as a customer. I used to love their games, and I still do, but I won’t buy their systems or games. I still support the streamers I like that play their games, but Nintendo gets none of my money. I wish people weren’t total sheeps for this company giving them all their savings when they constantly spit on us.

    • Marcos Danilo says:

      why are you so surprised? this happens because the community is so willing to bow down to anything nintendo says, that even when nintendo is screwing them over, they will still defend it to their dying breaths.

    • RadOo says:

      @emikochan13 that’s what I think so

    • Jambott says:

      ​​@Marcos Danilothat isn’t even close to the truth. You are offloading the responsibility for Nintendo’s shitty actions onto random fan boys.

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