Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Jedi’s Return | Official Trailer | Disney+

Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Jedi’s Return | Official Trailer | Disney+

Experience Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Jedi’s Return.

This special explores the return of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to the screen, as well as Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen to their classic roles. Director Deborah Chow leads the cast and crew as they create new heroes and villains that live alongside new incarnations of beloved Star Wars characters, and an epic story that dramatically bridges the saga films.

The #DisneyPlusDay premiere of the behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of Obi-Wan Kenobi starts streaming September 8 on Disney+.

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38 Responses

  1. Steve Moore says:

    Hayden and Ewan did a great job bringing back the characters years later after Mustafar and showing the conflict with both characters before A New Hope. Both of these guys deserve the love from the Star Wars Fandom.

    • One Winged Gaming says:

      @SicParvisMagna123 I’m sure they will lol 😂 such is the thing about history, it has a tendency to repeat itself.

      Honestly, I didn’t hate nor love the sequel trilogy, it was just a dumpster fire tragedy lol

    • SicParvisMagna123 says:

      @One Winged Gaming So by your logic the younger viewers who love the sequel trilogy will eventually replace those currently reviewing it and speak THEIR voices and the truth will come out.

    • Quarter Pounder says:

      I wonder if Obi Wan Kenobi likes Quarter Pounders

    • Brian Marino says:

      I agree

    • One Winged Gaming says:

      @SicParvisMagna123 nah, the way I see it is the people who reviewed and had a voice back when the prequel trilogy came out wanted it to be like the original trilogy and hated on the acting and script, the fan base that it was made for were for a younger generation and it’s painfully obvious that it was loved by them(myself included) and now that we’re the ones reviewing it and speaking our voices, the truth came out

  2. Melissa Kampers says:

    Seeing Hayden play Anakin in the flashbacks like that made me emotional. To me, that was the single most powerful moment in the series.

    • nahor88 says:

      @Marco Krolzig Most of the Hayden haters were just huge fans of the originals, aka Boomers, X and some Millenials.
      Later Millenials and Zoomers grew up on the prequels, and thus associate Hayden with nostalgia. They appreciate Anakin’s character even more cuz of the Clone Wars series.

    • Dick Trickle says:

      @Marco Krolzig I never hated Anakin in the prequels. I hate Disney for bringing him back for nostalgia purposes that equal money. It’s sad as hell.

    • SeYo says:

      Flashback.. it was one flashback. the fight scene, they cut it into three parts but its one flashback. i dont count the intro as a flashback from anakin, it was more revas flashback

    • Marco Krolzig says:

      But 99 % hate hayden in episode 2 and 3.

  3. J_C_CH says:

    Whether it’s good or bad, there’s one thing that always makes me love Star Wars, and that’s how the actors must feel about playing the roles, to be a part of it. Ewan, Hayden, etc. In my opinion, Star Wars wouldn’t be the same without them.

  4. Trung Dung Dang says:

    Hayden and Ewan are two great actors. Watching the two of them act in Star Wars shows that the two of them are just too cool and classy. I’m so excited and looking forward to seeing them in this Star Wars franchise. I will always support Ewan and Hayden

  5. HigherPeace says:

    The title made me think there will be a season 2 but a documentary is also great. I especially love to see Hayden Christensen being back on screen, he deserves it so much.

  6. Smolasty says:

    Disney, i hope You see this amazing hype from prequel fans and i hope u will do for us a lot of Clone Wars/Ewan/Hayden era series. Just do it for 1,000,000 people who have grown up and finally have a vote 💪🏼

  7. Mark Botello says:

    I was 16. I stood in line on May 4, 1977. A movie named only “Star Wars” looked really interesting: amazing special effects, a soundtrack rivaling (then) 2001: A Space Odyssey, and a giant cast. I was mesmerized.

    I still am.

    I’ve mostly held it together all these years, watching characters new and old came back to life. Then this promo that promises a look back at the impact that first movie made on THE PLANET. I was sobbing. My tears of joy, marvel, and pain (I still hate Ewoks) reflected my absolute feeling of belongingness to Star Wars.

    • Brandan Lee says:

      What was your initial impression of the 90s-00s Star Wars movies, the prequels? And ultimately what did you think of the latest Sequel movies?

      There aren’t a lot of folk from the summer of ’77 with that full experience. I grew up with the original movies first in the 90s, then the prequels I loved from middle school through highschool. I abhor the new movies. Most of my cadre feels the same way.

    • el macho says:

      @Zenix Saxzon oh I’m so sorry pls forgive me 😪😪😔😔😭😭

    • Zenix Saxzon says:

      @el macho Disrespectful punk

    • el macho says:

      and i am 17, i and i didnt ask

    • Gaurav Roy says:

      You sir are a day 1 fan and you have my respect.

  8. Joshua Mohlman says:

    It felt so good to see Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor together again

    • Joshua Mohlman says:

      @Jonathan Gaeta same here buddy. Brings back memories

    • Jonathan Gaeta says:

      It’s like revisiting old childhood friends. I grew up with the prequels with Ewan and Hayden when I was young and now I’m an adult revisiting old friends

  9. Connor Redshaw says:

    Just to see Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor working together again just brings me back so many wonderful memories

  10. Will Anderson says:

    Hearing Hayden talk about how significant and special this role is to him makes me feel weirdly emotional.

    • Brandon N says:

      @Tracker T and it was like that in the original trilogy … I think most times (95% of the time) Vader is on screen it’s 2 different people playing and voicing him… so we should just make it more known that 2 people play him? Isn’t that moreso for those who are interested in the acting side of things? I personally love the escapism part of fantasy and especially star wars so to some that info is pretty useless 😅

    • Tracker T says:

      The thing that sucks though is that Hayden isn’t even in the suit for most of the time, and it was actually another actor who was in the suit for fight scenes (yes, Vader vs Kenobi was not shot with Hayden)

      I feel like this needs to be known more and the other actors who played the Vader character deserve more of the spotlight

    • Enrique Mendez says:

      Mee too bro it’s so nostalgic

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