Come explore Inazuma with us in Genshin Impact today:
Let us know how much you like Raiden Shogun and Kujou Sara!
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34 Responses

  1. OfflineTV says:

    Come explore Inazuma with us in Genshin Impact today:
    Let us know who your favorite characters are!

    Noelle mains are the best btw

  2. Lolly Orbit says:

    Ah yes, another video where Brodin proves he can make his friends do whatever he wants…

  3. The Craftsmans Guide says:

    I feel like Lily and Michael can be summarised by these two words: “Honey, why?”

    • my name says:

      @Carlos .K i didnt reply to the people before you just for you to come and say word for word what they said genius.

    • Carlos .K says:

      @my name and? Lmao all I see is you still being ignorant to what they’re saying too. Look if ur hurt don’t try to vent it on the internet. Might as well delete ur comment. Better than making yourself look even dumber ig

    • えるみつ says:

      @my name it’s fine to admit you’re wrong for assuming what people really are before they met their significant other! I understand that you might not be familiar with lily’s sense of humor as you prefer michael’s but you’re absolutely being rude rn. you don’t know them and if their relationship is unhealthy for the both of them, they can always talk about it, they’re literally adults lmao

    • Patt From Wii Sports says:

      @my name Well he puts on a persona and act for his YouTube videos, so not exactly true.

    • Patt From Wii Sports says:

      @my name you realize when she scolds him and says “Michael stop”, she’s saying it as a joke right? She’s doing it playfully, if you’ve ever been in a relationship you should at the very least know that lmao

  4. Ikara Nozomi says:

    Ludwig: “Take them out. Physically hurt them so they cannot move”

    Lily, not even five minutes later: hits Toast in the face 💀

  5. Alfrebaut says:

    On this week’s episode of “How Brodin Traumatizes OTV,” we have… denying them food, and making them all hate each other. Ahh, classic Brodin.

  6. Thorsten Böhme says:

    Ludwig is absolutely hilarious! His energy really brings a lot to the overall dynamic.

  7. Ben Le says:

    Michael actually made the biggest comeback with both the 6 guesses and the lobster roll against Lud for trash talkin and then eating his mushubi lol

  8. Annchirisu says:

    WTFFFF- I was actually getting angry for Team Five Foot and Under 😂

    Ludwig’s face at 18:20 and 18:55 LOOOOL

    Toast always playing the dog 🤭😏

  9. Gummex says:

    Lud just makes everything especially entertaining. He’s great

  10. Adnan Saleem says:

    If Among Us proved anything, Toast + Poki combos are insane. You just can’t beat these two.

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