did anyone know that oil could burn 😭?
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35 Responses

  1. OfflineTV says:

    WE LOVE COOKING!! even if we’re not so great at it… stay till the VERY END for a special surprise 🙂 thanks for watching

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    Having Ludwig be the French narrator was a 1000 IQ move, great job OTV

  3. SomeSameSam says:

    I love how Alvin’s team just cheating and Michael stealing stuff 😂

  4. JstJamieShorts says:

    I love how michel is still following orders while legit dying 😂

  5. NorwayVFX says:

    Poor Jaime being put on the same team as the absolute menaces that are Michael and Scarra.

    • 42 Winks says:

      7:23 She really nailed the disappointed mom look right there. I felt cold chills running through my spine, bringing back too many childhood memories and a tiny voice in my head saying: “I’ll do better next time, I promise.” 😓

  6. Xander says:

    Fun fact: Rats don’t have a gag reflex and there’s a scene where Remi ran past the tampered soup and threw up in his mouth, meaning that Linguine messed up the soup so bad that he broke the laws of nature

  7. DNpuny says:

    no way they made a ratatouille video without john, the number one ratatouille enthusiast

  8. breezie b says:

    I love that Alvin was purposely being unhelpful and Jaime was accidentally being unhelpful 😂😂

  9. Hogo kare says:

    Was the “winning” team supposed to get a 7/10 and the “losing” team an 8/10?

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