Goodbye Twitch

Goodbye Twitch

This is the greatest twitch contract moment of All Time

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  1. Ali Koca says:

    Eyyy, Charlie’s gonna start streaming on Youtube. I see that as an absolute win!

  2. Dat dank Dj says:

    So glad Charlie decided to share with us that he and Twitch decided to start an open relationship

  3. Isaih Obrien says:

    This isn’t a sad ending story; this is a whole new legacy.


    Nice to know that charlies humor and speaking mannerisms haven’t changed in the past 13 years

    • drip says:

      He’s made fewer sex jokes, and it makes him 100 times more watchable

    • NotFanti says:

      @driphe has def stayed the same, I just heard him talk abt dick pics right as I saw this

    • Aaliyah Fortune says:

      @NotFantinah he made a lot more in his earlier videos

    • Justin Cruz says:

      No need for a character arc when he鈥檚 already perfect.

    • Dick Cheese says:

      I remember in high school when his identity was a huge mystery for years during his gameplay and commentary days and everyone was dying to actually see his face.

      Some people even tried “leaking” what people thought he looked like (all of them being wrong).

      Then I remember being taken aback at how wrong I was in my assumption was with how I thought he looked. I assumed he was some fat middle aged man. He was actually the exact opposite lol

  5. Nogame4U -_- says:

    This is like your dad sitting you down and telling you that daddy and mommy aren’t together anymore but we still get to see both of them from time to time

  6. Nich Henderson says:

    my favourite og stream is the one where Charlie and the boys came home drunk, turned on stream, forgot it was streaming and just giggled and chatted and passed out for an hour all while cam was off. Excellent content

  7. Jonathan Collins says:

    Props to Twitch for trying to make their website more profitable by making their website significantly less profitable.

  8. EwokPanda says:

    Important note: “amicably” does not mean “free.” It’s very likely there was a cancelation fee, but Charlie was fine with the amount.

  9. MrQuequito says:

    i dont know if anyone already said this, but charly actually looks happy here, like, genuine smiles all around, specially when he says that he is free to stream wherever he wants, or specifics about the contract he had

  10. martin0499 says:

    I see this as an absolute win! I never liked Twitch anyway, Youtube should become the standard for streaming.

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