Olivia Rodrigo: Tiny Desk Concert

Olivia Rodrigo: Tiny Desk Concert

Hazel Cills | December 11, 2023
The last time Olivia Rodrigo performed a Tiny Desk concert, it was two years ago, in a deserted DMV office, back when pandemic precautions meant artists sadly couldn’t play the real Desk. But this year, the singer-songwriter returned, bringing a handful of songs from her wildly fun sophomore album to the NPR Music office. “It’s much cooler to be here,” Rodrigo says. “I was saying earlier, I’ve never been starstruck by a room before.”

Many of the songs on GUTS, which earned a special recommendation on NPR Music’s Best Albums of 2023 list, blow out Rodrigo’s sound into colorful, grungy pop-rock fit for a stadium, like “love is embarrassing,” performed here with Rodrigo on jangly acoustic guitar. But the artist builds her set out with GUTS cuts that fit the intimate setup, like the searing “vampire,” her backup vocalists cooing eerily around each of her lines, or the potent ode to female jealousy, “lacy,” which Rodrigo explains started out as a poetry exercise in a college class. By the end of her set, she’s completely alone at the piano for the sobering “making the bed,” and it’s not difficult to see why she’s one of pop’s most promising rising performers.

“love is embarrassing”
“making the bed”

Olivia Rodrigo: piano, guitar
Hayley Brownell: drums
Moa Munoz: bass
Daisy Spencer: guitar
Ashley Morgan: vocals
Elizabeth Gaba: vocals
Julia Gartha: vocals

Producers: Suraya Mohamed, Bob Boilen
Director/Editor: Joshua Bryant
Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin
Series Producer: Bobby Carter
Videographers: Joshua Bryant, Kara Frame, Elizabeth Gillis, Maia Stern
Audio Assistant: Valentina Rodríguez Sánchez
Production Assistant: Ashley Pointer
Photographer: Zayrha Rodriguez
Tiny Desk Team: Hazel Cills
VP, Visuals and Music: Keith Jenkins
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

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47 Responses

  1. @JordenTually says:

    making the bed is so underrated it’s my fav

  2. @hunterdaraitis479 says:

    Her voice is so consistent with her album recordings that alone is so impressive.

  3. @timallison8560 says:

    wow. olivia is the youngest of my favorite songwriters and performers. i love that she is able to release the things inside her so freely. her music, her art, is going to survive long after most of us. honestly, its been a VERY long time since i’ve been this excited by a new artist.

  4. @jennieeexoxo says:

    Olivia and the band+background singers are such amazing performers! They all did a really good job! 👏👏

  5. @lani8970 says:

    As an elder gen z, I love Olivia! Her music is so vulnerable and refreshing. Super excited to see what she does 🙂

    • @poonopenandes1926 says:

      One thing for sure is that she will never make another album anywhere near as big as sour. Her career is already dead and guts flopping proves my point

    • @sockthief9138 says:


    • @everydayistruggle says:

      ​@@poonopenandes1926you replying to every positive comment here and then saying her career is dead is so funny, stay pressed

    • @mattlampe says:

      As a 32 year old millennial guy, her music really clicks with me and somehow still makes me feel like a 16 year old girl with a broken heart and strong emotions. I love powerful music like that.

  6. @gemstar65 says:

    Loving the sound production… Captures the true essence of Olivia’s voice and music… loving the backups and her group.👍👍

  7. @thechief00 says:

    Tiny Desk and SNL in the same weekend! She is CRUSHING IT

  8. @darylridingamotorcycle666 says:

    im not a big listener of olivia rodrigo but this was incredibly beautiful, loved every single song and in all of them i felt deeply like she was singing from the heart, it was like she traveled to another dimension when singing and at the end of all of the songs comes back to reality. it’s almost like you can see her soul when she’s singing i loved that👏😢❤️

  9. @javierav8930 says:

    I dont get why so many say she doesn’t sing well. Her voice carries so much emotion. Young girls are so lucky to have someone like her to look up too.

    • @Keithjames153 says:

      Ehhh, I can sorta see what they are talking about… listen to the first song, it’s not the strongest.. she’s still young and has work to do on her vocals but she is getting there… a lot of young singers have iffy voices starting out.. I’m sure when she’s 23ish she’ll be solid 👌

    • @poonopenandes1926 says:

      If young girls have this person to look up to than I fear for them because what talent does she have?

    • @Keithjames153 says:

      @@poonopenandes1926 the performance was solid! What’s the point of leaving such a negative comment??

  10. @jaydavidson2637 says:

    She is an ELITE talent. Can’t wait for an entire career of hers

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