Best MrBeast Chocolate Art Wins $10,000!

Best MrBeast Chocolate Art Wins $10,000!

We made art out of MrBeast chocolate bars! Watch until the end to see who wins!
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Huge thank you to @MrBeast for sending us 1,000 chocolate bars!
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24 Responses

  1. @C-D820 says:

    We have to appreciate how talented these artists are.

  2. @KaylaKK16 says:

    Imagine being close enough with Mr. Beast that he just sends you thousands of chocolate bars. Friendship goals

  3. @foxythepirateboi says:

    new subscriber! <3

    man, seeing these talented individuals make such wonderful art out of the craziest things makes me wish I could do the same thing XD

    david's piece was just SO beautiful for being made out of melted chocolate, like DAYUM. I honestly loved mackenzie's piece as well, it was just SO detailed and amazing looking and I feel like if she wasn't punished so much she would've definitely had enough time to make a full body to attach to the head to make it look even more epic than it already did and it seriously would've been a hard decision and a SUPER close win. I honestly really loved michelle's piece, it was just SUPER adorable and honestly deserved top 3 <3

  4. @MsMunchie123 says:

    I love chocolate 🥰

  5. @user-it7fk7nd1g says:

    Honestly David’s piece was amazing! Nothing against everyone else but, David was 10 levels above everyone in this challenge.

  6. @Itsyourgirlaylinplays416 says:

    The fact that they put there time just to make us entertained I love y’all!

  7. @sprinkles101-cookie3 says:

    :0 this looks like so much fun. Congrats to the winner of this art challenge ❤

  8. @sophiachampion says:

    We have to all appreciate how artistic these artists are

  9. @minusmagic5935 says:

    Just take a moment to appreciate how much effort ZHC puts to make these videos and the artists are soooooooo talented😍😍

  10. @annyswirl8092 says:

    Sculpting is a difficult thing to do with chocolate, painting on a canvas with chocolate is easier, kenz would have done equally good if she also decided to paint with chocolate, but cant say for the guy who won if he would have chosen to sculpt

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