Oppenheimer – Movie Review

Oppenheimer – Movie Review

Christopher Nolan brings up a biopic starring Cillian Murphy about J. Robert Oppenheimer (The father of the A-Bomb). Here’s my review of OPPENHEIMER!

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50 Responses

  1. Sean Corrigan says:

    Let’s hope Cillian Murphy finally gets that long overdue Oscar nomination for this. Some incredible talent involved with this film 👏

    • josemv25 says:

      What else should he have gotten nominated for?

    • Sean Corrigan says:

      ​@josemv25Check out his back catalogue. Truly great actor.

    • Kowboy in Korea says:

      @seancorrigan7448 Yes, he’s a great actor. But back to Jose’s question, which of his other roles do you feel are Oscar worthy? I’m familiar with his work and just did a refresher of his roles on IMDB, I don’t see any that are Oscar worthy.

    • snuff411 says:

      Who gives a fuck about an Oscar nod. He’s more than proven that’s he’s a great actor

  2. TheStrayDog says:

    I remember in history class in high school doing a report on Oppenheimer and thinking “God, this could make an awesome movie…” It’s been almost 15 years and I’m so stoked that it’s not only a reality, but a great film at that

  3. OctoStar says:

    You know a movie is special when you are equally excited for both the film and Jeremy’s review

    • Unicorn Pirate says:

      Jeremy and Critical Drinker. The only 2 worth watching movie reviewers on YT.

    • OctoStar says:

      @Unicorn Pirate Fax, I dream of a collab between them one day.

    • June Asiimwe says:

      Jeremy’s review didn’t disappoint. Makes me even more excited to see the film than I already was.

    • Your digi guy says:

      That doesn’t make sense? Any movie I’m going to watch and spend money means I’m somewhat excited for it, and I’m always looking forward to Jeremy’s uploads. Your comment doesn’t make much sense

    • Marcus Adams says:

      ​@Unicorn Pirateeh on critical anti-sjw boi

  4. FunkyMonkey19 says:

    Cillian Murphy is one of those actors who can act with just his eyes. Its an amazing talent that few actors have.

  5. bullbae02 says:

    Nolan is one of those last few directors that when he makes a film it often gets treated like a holiday is coming like Christmas came early….. each film he makes is a gift to movie lovers.

  6. Kelsey Maitland says:

    The first season of Peaky Blinders made me a huge fan of Cillian. He is an extremely talented actor. Glad people are seeing that now.

  7. Awesome Productions says:

    And there Nolan goes again! Not being the hero we deserve, but *_CERTAINLY_* the one we need. No less than a knight, shining.

  8. Lucy Lucy Taylor says:

    I’m just hoping we get Oppenheimer’s “Destroyer of Worlds” speech because I know Cillian Murphy would kill that scene. As soon as he was cast I immediately thought of that video and considering how much he acts with his eyes I knew he would pull it off even though he dosen’t really resemble the real-life guy. If it ends with that, oh damn this is gonna be good.

    • Sam Owen says:

      I’m kinda torn on it. On the one hand, I know he would smash it. But part of me thinks the actual footage is so unbelievably harrowing that nothing will ever come close.

    • V says:

      Yeah, I always thought it would be a good way to end the film, using the actual clip of Oppenheimer saying it and then cut to black. Probably too on the nose though.

    • Rekan Payne says:

      ​@Vyea that’s kinda wack

    • Anthony Fernandez says:

      Those things are far too big for me not to notice it’s a bot right away

  9. Justin H says:

    I have to say, it feels REALLY good to have all this pop discourse around a Robert Downey Jr. role that isn’t Iron man

    • D Brooke says:

      Iron man did a lot to bring RDJ out of obscurity since his drug phase but it also overshadowed so much of his other work. Heart and Souls, and Chaplin come to mind.

    • GeDiceMan says:

      @D Brooke He was as much remembered for his satirical blackface in Tropic Thunder even during his Iron Man period.

  10. Waheed Sama says:

    My most anticipated movie of this year and I am just so ready to see this film! Glad to hear it impacted you!

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