Our $50 Million Dollar Surprise!!!

Our $50 Million Dollar Surprise!!!

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28 Responses

  1. Ryland vlogs says:

    Hope you enjoy today’s vlog!! It’s a long one so here are the times codes :))
    Visiting a FALL FARM! 0:37
    Baking a Halloween dessert with mom and Shane! 5:07
    Casa Bonita!! 18:45
    Lizze HITS our house with her car… 27:24
    Nights Of The Jack! 29:58

  2. Juhhnette Garcia says:

    You and Shane can literally film a video of doing absolutely nothing and I’ll still watch it with my little bowl of chips. 😭😆

  3. Tara1016 says:

    I love that Shane is the one excited to leave the house it makes me so happy to see him getting out and enjoying life 🥹

    • Ginger ٨ـﮩﮩ♡ Ninja says:

      It’s Colorado that changed EVERYTHING for the better! They both appear to be so much more happier than in California. I can’t wait to see them building snowmen ☃️☃️ with their twins!😁

    • Tara1016 says:

      @Ginger ٨ـﮩﮩ♡ Ninja agreeed 1000% 🥹

  4. Megan Farrell says:

    Rylands frustration with the starbucks cups not being dishwasher safe is so real 😂 they’re so expensive too😭

    • ChippyChin says:

      I refuse to wash them. I told everyone in the house that uses them that they have to wash their own. I’ll let them sit on the counter until they do. Eventually they run out of things to drink in and do it. 😂

    • Rae says:

      I’m wondering if anyone has tried to put them in the dishwasher? Haha.

    • Micaella Mac says:

      Haha I put all my Starbucks cups in the dishwasher. They’re safe 😁😂

    • haley mackenzie says:

      ​@rae4460 my fiance put one of my favorite starbucks cups in the dishwasher and it cracked and also the rim of the cup was distorted

  5. almxndmoon says:

    The genuine smile on Shane’s face when he is with Ryland is just so sweet. The way that they both look at each other is just amazing. You guys have something special for sure!

    • Jordan Reavis says:

      I was hoping someone else noticed how cute they ate together 🥰
      And seeing shane happy and positive is so nice and he’s even funnier now

  6. Nanp545 says:

    “We’ll bring your mom!” Im so happy Shane loves Ryland’s family

  7. Desiree Hurd says:

    Omg Shane is gonna be the fun parent I love how excited he gets about everything. He is literally on a new level. Love you Shane and your entire energy.

  8. Hannah Farley says:

    Shane seems so much happier since being with Ryland. Some people you can tell are just meant to be❤ love you guys❤

  9. Summer Johnson says:

    You’re mom waving when your grandma is crossing not realizing it’s you at first is so wholesome 🥹🫶🏽

  10. Charly McAllister says:

    Sunday isn’t complete without a blog from Ryland!

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