Overture Teaser: The Final Feast | Genshin Impact

Overture Teaser: The Final Feast | Genshin Impact

Enjoy a rapturous ode sung in reverse,
Enjoy a whirling waltz drowning in tears of joy and sorrow,
Enjoy a magical performance for which none shall applaud…

The actors have taken the stage, the audience have taken their seats,
So let us enjoy it all, right until the final curtain call.

Freminet — Paul Castro Jr.
Egeria — Courtney Steele
Lyney — Daman Mills
Lynette — Anairis Quiñones
Navia — Brenna Larsen
Charlotte — Maya Aoki Tuttle
Wriothesley — Joe Zieja
Sigewinne — Sarah Williams
Clorinde — Crystal Lee
“The Knave” Arlecchino — Erin Yvette
Furina — Amber Lee Connors
Neuvillette — Ray Chase

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34 Responses

  1. pedslapchat says:

    Whoever worked on the animation did an amazing job

    • TheHunters'GamingHub says:

      Thank you, it was all teamwork ❤

    • A random person on the internet says:

      Still worse then honkai impact’s animation.

    • iosis says:

      @A random person on the internet the same quality.
      For everyone who wants to answer him. Remember the first rule of the Internet: “Don’t feed the troll.” With your answers, you just do what he wants, don’t be children that you got on the Internet for the first time.

    • A random person on the internet says:

      ​@iosis It is clearly not of the same quality, not even close. Like, have they seriously not even thought about bringing the honkai employees over to Genshin for important animations? I mean, just comparing the earlies animation. Which is for HoV, you can already see how much better the Honkai team is at this kind off stuff. Even the finger snap in that animation compared to the one in this animation has more impact.

    • Moaaid Asma says:

      @A random person on the internet oh yeah yeah a honkai clown 🤡🤣

  2. Ayanokoji says:

    Focalors sounds like the impatient Queen and Neuvillette the wise right hand butler, i love it!!

  3. PhoenixOfDestruction says:

    Animated cutscenes and trailers are just getting better and better with each update.

    • Subbing To Everyone Who Subs To Me says:

      Don’t translate!

    • tangerine says:

      I know right?!

    • Mythra says:

      Yeah ofc! ^^
      If this is how trailers are animated then I can’t wait to see how the anime will look like

  4. igor rodrigues says:

    The personality of each nation impresses me. Fontane’s “developed metropolis” vibe draws a lot of attention. The magic and investigation in this trailer is proof of that. Then I can only congratulate hoyo for the amazing job e be sure that they’ll never disappoint😌💆

  5. Honie says:

    Woah… Can’t believe this is finally here, it just feels like yesterday when Inazuma came out and everyone was shocked at Raiden Shogun’s cutscene. Now there is 40 days till Fontaine comes out. Time surely does fly fast.

  6. Jade's Gladiolus says:

    the animation is progressively getting more and more amazing to the point it’s genuinely insane?? and arlecchino?? oh god i love this

  7. Chirijiraden says:

    The transition from everyone clapping to Arlencchino sitting there to her snapping as the screen goes black with her red eyes is Badass!!

  8. Érica Lima says:

    Hoyoverse sempre nos impressionando❤

  9. Ryoma Hoshi says:

    When the dramatic version of Fontaine’s Travail motif came in….I got serious chills. I’m super excited for this.

    • BNuts says:

      Mm. Reminded me of the tracks from VILL-V’s parts in the Elysium Everlasting trailers, both the version when Griseo came out, and then when her own battlesuit came out. VILL-V would love Fontaine, I think, or at least the Con Artist, Magician, and Genius personalities would. I wonder what Veliona and Senti would think of it. They’re the three _HI3_ characters I think of first when I think of ‘theatrics,’ and Seele and Veliona have a heavy ‘scales’ imagery when it comes to their personalities being balanced, which is a big part of why I thought Focalors might be an expy of Veliona.

  10. cheesecake factory says:

    Lyney voice is amazing it fits the character .Congratulations to the voice actor

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