Patti LaBelle’s Tribute To Tina Turner At 2023 BET Awards

Patti LaBelle’s Tribute To Tina Turner At 2023 BET Awards

Patti Labelle is honoring her late friend. The singer paid tribute to Tina Turner at the 2023 BET Awards on Sunday night with a special rendition of the music icon’s hit song “The Best.” Patti fumbled a few times with the lyrics, but delivered a powerful ending. Tina died last month at the age of 83 at her home in Switzerland.

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Patti LaBelle’s Tribute To Tina Turner At 2023 BET Awards


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34 Responses

  1. Billy Gambill says:

    Tina Turner is one of the greatest of all time! What a disservice to Tina this tribute was.. I don’t care if it is Patti!

  2. SoSillyWilly26 says:

    I’m not mad at Patti, I’m mad that BET threw together this last minute tribute and just asked the nearest singer to get up there. Fantasia would’ve DEVOURED!

    • Screen Recording God says:

      Exactly Patti did her thang, but I was like that’s all they gonna do for Tina

    • Linda W-M says:

      Agree 💯 about how they just threw this tribute together. No thought.

    • $Tiajones333 says:

      I agree about Fantasia she was the number one person I thought was going to do the tribute if she couldn’t make it they could have got Mary Mary for some reason I can see them getting a gospel singer lizzo would have been an amazing pick too

    • Kisha says:

      Patti should’ve declined if she wasn’t ready.

    • Krystin Grant says:

      Stop it hold her fawking accountable you don’t know the words don’t sing it. I know for damn sure she’s be upset

  3. slimtee2 says:

    I’m sure the Grammys and/or the AMA will do Tina justice.

  4. Luciane Souza says:

    Tina turner é única!!

  5. sylvester murphy says:

    Not for nothing but Patti is a legend herself you gotta know the words if not don’t do it….Disrespectful

    • Nici M says:

      To be fair, she doesn’t ever remember the words to her own songs. There are several videos of her fussing about her words not being available for her to see.

  6. Shalonda Patrick says:

    Well for all the famous critics… Patti is older now and sometimes it is not hard to forget lyrics. I can literally sing a song that I sing every day and get up in church and lose the words. I appreciate the fact that she was HONEST enough to say she forgotten the lyrics. She handled it well…

    • Ricky Ware says:

      This is so true because sometimes I lead songs in and forget some of the lyrics and and I I keep it going and no one knows a difference unless I say say something afterwards

    • SkyNet General says:

      I bet she knows all her lyrics smh 🤦‍♂️

    • Elliott Johnson says:

      @SkyNet General artists be forgettin they own lyrics all the time 😂😂

    • The CTblogger channel says:

      Aretha Franklin wouldn’t have bombed like that…because she would have known the lyrics COLD b4 hitting the stage as the headlining act for an awards show in which Tina Turner is honored for the 1st time after her passing.

      We’re talking about Patti Labelle from the 70s group “Labelle” that probably performed alongside “Ike and Tina Turner” on tour…lets not make excuses for her…even Patti knows that the sandman would have YANKED her off stage if she pulled that crazy at the Apollo!

    • mikeykm1993 says:

      Shouldn’t have accepted the honour of she wasn’t up to the job. Unprofessional and disrespectful…

  7. Mona Vaughan says:

    Patti only needed to half way know one verse, the crowd would’ve filled in the extra . Fantasia would’ve loved to pay tribute 🎉

  8. Man Aman says:

    BET, after 50 years, you are an adult with experience! This tribute would have been booed at Amateur Night at my local karaoke bar!

  9. Lady Loves Her Lord says:

    I love Miss Patti. They could have given my girl some backup. Gladys Knight, Fantasia, and Jennifer Hudson would have been nice.

  10. myra spencer says:

    BET needs to do another tribute to tina turner!!!!

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