PC parts that..sweat? #shorts

PC parts that..sweat? #shorts

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23 Responses

  1. Hithu says:

    The fact that he showed what he imagined about is amazing

  2. Elias Helfer says:

    i love the little laugh at the end 🙂

  3. LUCKY_ LUKEfan001 says:

    Damn my brain 🧠 would be faster than nasa’s super computer

  4. sajjad hossan shimanto says:

    Now imagine if humans can’t sweat on that parallel universe. Hunams need active cooling

  5. Eliseo Lopez says:

    What if you overload the ram,would it increase prformance

    • Eliseo Lopez says:

      @zux128 if anybody can help,what is a labtop good for gaming with 125 fps

    • ddove97 says:

      @Eliseo Lopez depends on what game. acer nitro 5 gives you 60fps on medium, it’s 800 dollars. for 125fps in that game you’re gonna be looking at 1000 dollars.

    • SOME CAN'T says:

      Do you know what “overload” means?

      Would you like to?
      Or just watch CRAP LIKE THIS all day?

    • Eliseo Lopez says:

      @SOME CAN’T códing to overpower your ram,increase preformance in gaming,people say it is safe because i does not heat too much

    • SOME CAN'T says:

      @Eliseo Lopez are you talking about overclocking?

      What do you want to know?
      I’m an electronics engineer. 😎

  6. Raj Srikar says:

    Try putting a CPU near ant colony and make the ants occupy it for a week. Then clean it and see if it works.

  7. Ethan Gagnon says:

    Imagine having to put deodorant on your CPU would just melt the deodorant the second it touched it now that’s how you know you’ve had a good workout😂

    • BKrianX says:

      Let me introduce you both to the other form of deodorant from what you might know. Enter the solid deodorant stick vs spray deodorant

  8. Shafiur R Sajid says:

    In pu: you have to install the cooling fan first and then install the CPU to balance the temperature

  9. Sam says:

    A fan being in the pc would be a nightmare because it would push the smell out of the pc and make everything smell

  10. MechanicalMonk says:

    Now imagine if humans, that do sweat, found a way to get the sweat to evaporate by moving air around them more than it normally would.

    We could call it

    A Naf!

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