PENALTIES?! | Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur Carabao Cup extended highlights

PENALTIES?! | Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur Carabao Cup extended highlights

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43 Responses

  1. Cooking With Monty says:

    EFL, you know what would be absolutely insane? If you had added a clock to literally any highlight.

  2. Alexander O'Donnell says:

    Still cant believe davidson snachez took a penalty. I also cant believe forster got done in the same place 4 times in the shootout. We were awful and i congratulate fulham. Well done

  3. Alan Bernard says:

    The fact that Tete got the goal that put em thru is beautiful.

  4. Gary Martin says:

    Spurs could only score once Fulham had 10 men, the best team went through.

  5. Freddie Q Mercury says:

    I would’ve thought that each player would have a complete kit, on the sidelines, including football boots.

  6. Simon Marie says:

    You won’t see a better own goal this season. Beautiful.

  7. paul gilliland says:

    Richarelson looked as stunned as we were to score that .

  8. ChubbyChecker182 says:

    Much better than the usual 3 mins max. Thank You EFL.
    (Should always be minimum 10 minutes).

  9. Alissa Tome says:

    It must feel terrible to miss a penalty under pressure. Never experienced the anguish myself. Perfect record. I’ve scored on all (one) of my attempts. 😉

  10. Mac_United says:

    Tete running on the whole field with a shoe in his hand 😂
    Welcome to English Football ⚽

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