Colorado vs. LSU: 2023 Hall of Fame Series women’s basketball highlights

Colorado vs. LSU: 2023 Hall of Fame Series women’s basketball highlights

No. 20 Colorado upset reigning champions and No. 1 ranked LSU to open their season at the 2023 Hall of Fame Series in Las Vegas, 92-78. Watch the full game highlights here.

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31 Responses

  1. Bob Sandlin says:

    Lsu didn’t just lose, they got dominated in every way. They play no defense. There’s no way they win anything major the way they played tonight. 💯

    • Carlos Dos Santos says:

      Yeah, they were embarrassed but it’s the first game. You don’t know Kim Mulkey if you think this is the LSU that’ll be playing come SEC play and in March.

    • Bob Sandlin says:

      @carlosdossantos917  I respect Coach Kim Mulkey. I’ve followed her career ever since she became the head coach at Baylor in 2000 (I was 6). She’s amazing, but what those girls showed on the court tonight was pure TRASH. Hailey is overrated respectfully. Her first step is the slowest thing I’ve seen since I watched molasses go down a tree. She won’t be able to stop nobody so if they plan on playing her almost the whole game and she guard like that, it’s going to be a short season once tournament time come.

    • Lilquan says:

      @Carlos Dos SantosI looked at LSU schedule they literally only play at max 6 ranked teams in the span of 34 games this team weak for only putting them lil as bit of competition in there schedule you look at teams like SC they 12-15 rank teams in there schedule back to back rank games to start there season off already beat ND by 29 they got Maryland next

    • Michael in Houston says:

      Yeah – not as close as the score indicates. LSU has a long way to go.

  2. Aaron Verkler says:

    I have been watching this Colorado team for the past five years as a Oregon fan and it’s a testament to players putting in the work and sticking it out year after year getting better and better!

  3. Jaquay Hills says:

    All that flex them LSU girls was doing in the offseason, people see that. When you’re #1 everyone is coming for you, ya gotta go hard every game!

  4. Wavy says:

    Boy it look like the buffs came to play they came with energy sas and all brass ready to throw down and I love it go girls!!!

  5. Organized Noise says:

    LSU fan here…. We needed a huge piece of this humble pie…. Hopefully our team can jump off that hype horse and get to work!

  6. Cee Jay says:

    Colorado Buff’s has a dominating team 🦬 Go Young ladies 🏀

  7. Kevin Supreme says:


  8. Browncpnn says:

    Colorado Buffs great job!
    This is the type basketball that fills seats. Fan of both teams.
    LSU get to work. The rhythm was amazing. Very entertaining 🏀

  9. Brandon Parker says:

    Great game Buffs!!! LSU let’s wake up and play like y’all could!!!

  10. Timber Logwood says:

    As an alma mater, and my team, LSU needed this. I think they spent too much offseason time, especially Reese showing off instead of working on their game and going into the gymn playing unofficial pick-up ball. She should have known the entire country was going to wait to see her fall, especially with all that publicity she was showing.

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