People Order a Dream Home, I Build Their Nightmare – Hometopia

People Order a Dream Home, I Build Their Nightmare – Hometopia

Pro renovation tip: When a client firmly requests a feature in their home, what they really mean is “eh, do whatever you want, I’m sure I’ll love the results.” And even if they throw a fit after, they’re just celebrating in disguise.


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People Order a Dream Home, I Build Their Nightmare – Hometopia – Let’s Game It Out

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Check it out on Steam ► Hometopia

More about Hometopia (from Steam):

Build better, together 🏡 Hometopia is a seriously satisfying co-op building simulation game that turns players into designers and developers of the best-looking homes in the virtual world. Play now!

We have an exciting, long-term vision for Hometopia. We don’t intend to just finish a few features and call it a day. We see Hometopia as an ongoing, creative worldbuilding platform for players to design homes, build communities, play and interact with others.

We are building a cooperative online experience to allow for maximum creativity and collaboration. We’re in this for the long haul and need your help getting Hometopia to its full potential.

Hometopia is in EARLY ACCESS and while very playable, is a work-in-progress and not yet complete. We are very responsive in Discord and will help you with any problems you come across.

Key Features:

Full co-op support – Work with up to 4 other players in any and every part of the game. Work together to take on ambitious renovations or to develop entire neighborhoods.
Career progression – Build a career starting as a beginner and progressing to professional home designer.
Dynamic job system – Engage with a dynamic job system that offers a wide spectrum of client-based tasks. From minor one-room makeovers to large-scale house constructions, every job challenges and enhances your design, renovation, and building abilities.
Player homes – Exercise creative freedom with no restrictions or demands. Purchase land in a preferred biome, and transform it into a dream home.

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44 Responses

  1. Let's Game It Out says:

    Walls between rooms in your home: optional or essential?

  2. step grandma says:

    Imagine just walking down the street and seeing an architect making a house look like the visual representation of a stroke

  3. Swine Brothers says:

    Josh in charge of home construction is still more competent than the people who did it on my house 15 years ago.

    • Skittersspider says:

      He is infinitely more competent than any living human, he just likes to instill pain, suffering and insanity. If he wanted to, he could build the best house on the planet for under $1.

    • Swine Brothers says:

      @Skittersspider This is very true. And 3 of my favorite things!

    • Cat Dog Mouse Cheese says:

      My parent’s house is so old that it has one those ironing boards that fall out of the wall when you open this little door in the laundry room like a murphy bed, but it’s an ironing board.

    • Swine Brothers says:

      @Cat Dog Mouse Cheese I’ve seen those, wow!!

    • Chirp FPV says:

      @Cat Dog Mouse Cheese thats fire ngl

  4. shadowfighter says:

    Josh is the only person who can put a fridge in a timeout

  5. K says:

    As an interior designer (ish), I can confirm that these are, in fact, perfectly reasonable designs that a normal human like me, totally not an alien, would appreciate.

  6. Vin says:

    If i ever wanted josh to redecorate my rooms, I’ll just write the exact opposite of what i want

    • Raishyuul says:

      thats not going to work. josh doesnt do opposites he does chaos. you cannot trick josh into doing anythingthing resembling sane or normal. you think saying id like black walls will make him paint white but actually he is going to just paint the floor with giraffe snot.

    • MaeLSTRoM1997 says:

      @Raishyuul and then build a death spiral. he always builds death spirals.

    • BlackFlame951 says:

      ​@MaeLSTRoM1997Don’t forget the conveyor belts! And God help you if your name is Grace…

    • Skittersspider says:

      ​@MaeLSTRoM1997And physically impossible structures spanning miles and being light years in hieght

  7. HORRIOR says:

    I am sure the devs will appreciate the stress testing.

  8. Alessandro Mazzacani says:

    He really did a decent job with the neighbour’s house while destroying the house he was supposed to work with

  9. Anastasija Habarova says:

    I like that you made the neighbors’ house more livable than any of the houses you were actually contracted to modify 😂

  10. cat in a fish bowl. says:

    Josh really took “the urge to destroy is a creative urge” to heart 😂

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