PFAS: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

PFAS: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses PFAS — a class of chemicals linked to an array of health issues — and why their widespread use isn’t as magical as it may seem.

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41 Responses

  1. Sudipta Romen Biswas says:

    3M- “Do not dispose off chemicals in surface water.”
    DuPont- “I am gonna dispose chemicals in surface water even harder”

    • Mike D says:

      More like…
      3M- “Do not dispose off chemicals in surface water.”
      DuPont- *fart*

    • meetpoorfor crowinsfo says:

      @Mike D

    • Nathaniel Frank says:

      EPA- “Hey DuPont? Are you disposing of chemicals in surface water?”

      DuPont- “No, we’re not. That’s Company X that’s doing it.” (Company X is a subsidiary of DuPont, specifically designed to take the fall for any legal damages their teflon production causes and leave the parent company safe from all wrongdoing.)

    • V for Wombat says:

      @Nathaniel Frank they did that with asbestos too.
      iirc, the even bought an asbestos company and then spun of part of it so it would be liable and dupont wouldn’t.

      might be misremebering iirc it was int je90s.

    • Crystal says:

      Can confirm. DuPont located in my home town. Multiple relatives worked there. Constant careless dumping into our water supply

  2. Shanger Danger says:

    big shoutout to DuPont for poisoning us forever

  3. Squim says:

    “Corporations are people – specifically sociopaths” is the take our society needs

  4. Nick_Wild1 says:

    “No one will respect a rule if it isn’t enforced” *stares at “Masks are required upon entry” signs*

    • Soon To Be Deleted Account (On October 31st 2021) says:

      @Bret Bonner And no, this is not about “narratives”.

    • TheCatslock says:

      @Claire Conover Also doesn’t help that if you do ask people to put on a mask and think of others first they start to degrade you and there is a slight chance they might go bat shit crazy and murder you with a gun.

    • Marie Egan says:

      Wearing a mask doesn’t really protect the wearer, it protects others by keeping their exhaled breath closer to them and not mingling feet away from them. Also it catches larger droplets, although those are most likely to fall to the ground faster. They wouldn’t do anything in a level 4 contamination zone at all, and of course the concentration of viral or bacterial particles is much greater for people working with that concentration in those kinds of facilities. They do use the viral/bacterial filters in contained breathing apparatuses to avoid infection. The delta variant does put out a much larger quantity of viral particles than the original virus in exhaled breath, making it much easier to catch, but masks do mitigate some of that viral concentration. Obviously not all, so there still remains a risk, but more than no mask at all.

    • radiotriphammer says:

      @Bret Bonner I look forward to seeing you win at the Herman Cain awards

    • P says:

      @T Graham RIGHT?

  5. Mishala Chalmers says:

    “That thing you like is bad with Saddy Longlegs”
    Favorite line of the season thus far.

  6. Anthony says:

    I’m so glad Danny Devito was able to reprise his role as The Penguin.

  7. Nadine Stacey says:

    This show is just my weekly reminder to never be relaxed ever

    • cinben18 atod says:

      Maybe take a month off the show and see how much more relaxed you are when you stop focusing about all the worlds problems.

  8. Noah Mayfield says:

    “Who can say? Apparently not me, legally…”

  9. Gabriela B. says:

    I glad John is back with terrifying me about every innocuous thing in my life.

    • ww says:

      How do you figure it’s innocuous if it’s actively poisoning you? That’s not what innocuous means. Perhaps it was seemingly-innocuous at one point, but once you definitively learn that it is toxic it can no longer be considered innocuous. In this case, the PFAs that DuPont has been poisoning the American people with for years.

    • jthawks says:

      @Joshua Reifsteck exactly…anybody with parrots knows that if you accidentally leave a Teflon pan on the stove and it overheats, you’ll kill any birds in the house. After learning that I stopped using it completely (I don’t have parrots either).

    • Chris Waring says:

      Indeed… The harbinger of fear and knowledge lol

    • jeremy edge says:

      Fear sells oh so well!

    • Jane D'oh! says:

      Lol 😆 Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just grateful someone out there cares enough to warn us about all the ways corporations are trying to kill us. ❤

  10. Alex Clark says:

    The guy who said “I’ll drink Tequila straight but I wont drink tap water.” actually got me to laugh out loud.

    • Greg Harris says:

      I’ve been saying that to people for years! “Water is dangerous shit! People die in pools, lakes and rivers every year.”

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