Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2023 Week 11 Game Highlights

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2023 Week 11 Game Highlights

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45 Responses

  1. Animal Channel says:

    Straight up Super Bowl promo, yet this year the birds look strong and determined 💪🔥🔥

  2. MURKGOAT says:

    As an Eagles fan that dropped touchdown saved us, Chris Jones was getting to Hurts on every dropback

  3. Elizabeth Morales says:

    Congrats on the win Eagles, lets have a good game next week

  4. PattiB says:

    This was such a good game. Both teams are clearly at the top. Eagles wanted this win and were determined to get it. Congrats Eagles this was a deserved win.

  5. Rick White says:

    I’m an Eagles fan who was seriously impressed with the athleticism of Pacheco.

  6. Linda Howard Harris says:

    Congrats Eagles on the win last night, spread your wings and fly.

    • PAN1C says:

      I’d say the Chiefs just made more mistakes, in my opinion of course. Key drops and that red zone pic by Mahomes as well. The Chiefs outplayed them on both sides of the ball. Not an Eagles fan nor a Chiefs fan so this is an unbiased take. Nonetheless, it was a good game by both teams, but the Eagles should’ve lost.

    • FlyEaglesFly!!! says:

      Yessss FlyeaglesFly let’s go💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    • Lazy M91 says:

      ​@PAN1Cshould’ve, could’ve, would’ve but didn’t 😂. Eagles simply played better. There’s no way around it

    • Infinitehologram says:

      @Lazy M91honestly💀

    • Rhett Blair says:

      ​@PAN1Cthat’s usually how it goes. The team to make less mistakes wins 🤷‍♂️

  7. Slim Reaper says:

    Mahomes and the Chiefs got SHUT OUT at home in the entire 2nd half 😯 Huge win for Philly

  8. T g says:

    If Hurts wasn’t the Eagles qb they would of probably lost 6 games so far , he’s too clutch and just won’t let the Eagles loose .

    • mm 223 says:

      After Foles and before Hurts you guys were pretty bad

    • CFL says:

      Hes good but cmon if MVS makes that catch the eagles are going home with L. The chiefs controlled this game for a majority of it and a kelce fumble and a terrible drop lost it for them. We’ll see these two teams again in the superbowl.

    • 42jwiener says:

      ​​​@mm 223we were. Thankfully Howie saw the writing on the wall and got rid of Wentz while he still had trade value. Ultimately got AJ Brown and Devonta Smith for Wentz.

    • Jacob Watson says:

      Your insane if you believe that I like Hurts but come on now their roster is stacked and has so much depth they ain’t gonna be 4-6 without him that crazy 🤦‍♂️

  9. Jake Nathan says:

    Regardless of who was playing. This was a great game of football. Both teams made big mistakes, big plays, but it made for an interesting game. As an eagles fan I’m happy for the win. But it was a very circumstantial win. Respect for the Chiefs for playing an amazing game. 💪

  10. Josh Cook says:

    so proud of the eagles. I was rooting for them to win and get payback from last year. especially since KC lately has been cocky ever since ring #2. And Hurts really is shining at the new fresh prince of bel-air.

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