Three Specific Kinds of Terror

Three Specific Kinds of Terror

Maybe we’ve always suspected; always tried to ignore the whine of zero in our ears…but isn’t it worse, now, knowing? | Watch my exclusive Alan Wake II video and get tons of other perks by joining Nebula at

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Media shown: Amnesia: The Bunker, Who’s Lila, The Utility Room, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, SOMA, Outlast, Devotion, Prey, Dead Space, Signalis, Resident Evil 4 (Remake), Silent Hill 2, Half Life: Alyx, Beat Saber, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Myst, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Destiny 2, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Super Mario 64, Alan Wake II

Music Used (Chronologically): Lacrimosa (Dead Space 2), Turned Around (Signalis), Rose (Resident Evil 8), The Blank Canvas (Inscryption), Safe Room (Amnesia: The Bunker), Officer Hub (Amnesia: The Bunker), End Credits (Amnesia: The Bunker), LilaChase (Who’s Lila?), Quiet Floors (Who’s Lila?), Misremembered (Signalis), Strupnev (Who’s Lila?), Submarine (INSIDE), Amid Bones (Iron Lung), A Mysterious Device (Returnal), Tendrils (Manifold Garden), Pilgrimage (Gorogoa), Nemesis (Returnal), Left Alone (Detention), Safe Room (Resident Evil), End Credits (Amnesia: The Bunker)

Additional music and sound effects from Epidemic Sound
Additional footage from Getty Images

Thumbnail and Graphic Design by
Description credit: Zero: Terror by Albert Goldbarth

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39 Responses

  1. Jacob Geller says:

    Nebula is bringing back lifetime memberships for the holidays! One payment up front and then you’ll have access to everything that’s on Nebula, forever. The option should show up after you click “get started” on this page:

  2. Julian Danzer says:

    what makes a great horror game scarier than a movie is giving you just enough agency to have responsibility but not enough to make that responsibility easy

  3. Lionel says:

    This is absolutely wild. I’m so glad you like the giant heads. Thanks for covering The Utility Room 🗿

  4. Meg Rae says:

    Who’s Lila is SO underrated, thank you for covering it! I hope more people discover this gem of a horror game.

    • GmodPlusWoW says:

      The name alone makes me think “How’s Annie?”, which is even more appropriate considering the subject-matter of the game.

      “Your friends will meet him when you are gone.”

    • Mandarins and Clementines says:

      It’s been getting lots of attention this past year!

    • bananasinfrench says:

      Yes!! I’ve been in love with it since the demo and it’s great to see it getting more attention! If you want another good look at it I recommend Flaw Peacock’s analysis

    • Any Thing says:

      ​@GmodPlusWoWWell i don’t want to spoil the game but “Who is lilia?” Has a another reason other then just a question for lilia i think it is genuis.

    • Matt Schmalfeldt says:

      I JUST finished a 7+ hour analysis of this video done by Flaw Peacock!

  5. GG, GG says:

    Whoever made “who’s lila” is a fucking genius. Such an amazingly executed concept

  6. Jordan says:

    The bunker giving you that little taste of fresh air, and then immediately reminding you that it’s somehow MORE dangerous outside the bunker because it’s literally no man’s land, is absolutely amazing. Anytime im playing a horror game and see a window out of the manor, or something similar, im always like “why cant i just dip” but this game answering that with “beacause WWI” is so perfect i love it

  7. Olivia says:

    As someone who enjoys horror games but has a hard time playing them, it’s nice to see more of how they work!!!!

  8. SlapChopMyShamWow says:

    You waving at the giant moai head right before it got decimated was an excellent comedic bit

  9. icarus212001 says:

    Holy shit where was “Who’s Lila?” hiding all this time? That’s my kind of horror.

  10. MagieFish says:

    As someone who still hasn’t beaten the bunker because they’re a perfectionist with severe choice anxiety, I understand this video on a primal level

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