Pink Tape Official Trailer (Directed By Gibson Hazard)

Pink Tape Official Trailer (Directed By Gibson Hazard)

Pink Tape Official Trailer (Directed By Gibson Hazard)
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Video by: Gibson Hazard

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Director: Gibson Hazard
Production Company: House of Hazard x Freenjoy
EP / Producer: Liam Akiva
EP: Nathan Scherrer & Jamil Davis
Label: Atlantic Records
Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd
SVP Marketing: Marsha St. Hubert
VP Marketing: Alexandra Bianchi
Manager, Marketing: Claudia Rosha
Assistant, Marketing: Natasha Elie
Creative Director: Reduciano
Line Producer: Tzipi Edery
Production Manager: Jim Bird
Production Coordinator: Karen Lo
1st AD: Shane Kalman
2nd AD: Sunny Fehlig
DP: Ben Carey
Steadicam: Franz Brun
1st AC: Ryan Nocella
2nd AC: Taylor Myers
1st AC: Evan Walsh
Additional Camera Op: George Buford & Reduciano, Mooch
Executive Firearm Consultant: Oliver Cannon
DIT: Alex Barratt
Gaffer: Brad Burke
BB: Pete Milmoe
Electric: Dave McCabe
Electric: Mike Kim
Electric: Elan Sherman
Board Op: Elliot Travis
Kep Grip: Gulab Singh
BB: Garland Berenzy
Grip: Hana Kim
Grip: Chris O’Keeffe
Grip: Jean Luc Boon
Technocrane Op: Paul McKenna
Technocrane Tech: Paul Agostinelli
Technocrane Tech: Jack Rosenfield
Technocrane Driver: Steph Lebron
Production Designer: Rosie Turnbell
Art Coordinator: Max Sniderman
Art Director: Alvin Manalo
Prop Master: Chazz Foggie
Lead man: Logan Taylor
Set Dresser: Rusty Synder
Set Dresser: Ande Delano
Set Dresser: Yoshi Ebata
Set Dresser: Maddie Pflug
Art PA: Andy Martinez
Art PA: Lyndsey Smith
HMU: Stacy Gray
Prosthetics: Chelsea Paige
Wardrobe (BG): Whitney Adams
Wardrobe Assist: Talya Bendel Weiss
Wardrobe Assist: Rebecca Wallace
BTS Photographer: Garrett Bruce
VTR: Kay Charity
Crafty: Whitney Coulson
Crafty Assist: Rex Coker
Set Security: Joel
Medic: Mary Kate Kremar
Nurse: Alyssa Inguaggiato
VFX Data Assist: Sabrina Chan
PA – Truck: Edwin Idelfonso
PA – Truck: Taylor Myers
PA – Office: Julianne Salem
PA – Set: Elliott Hyppolite
PA – Set: Dal Mejia
PA – Set: Leonex
PA – Set: Marquis Gregory
PA – Set: Josh Friedman

LUV Double: Lucky Davis
Stunt Coordinator: Jayson Dumenigo
Choreographer: Aaron Toney
Performer: Justin Chang
Performer: Tarell Bullock
Stunt Rigger: Mariusz Kubicki

Background Talent: Cal Dre
Background Talent: Spawn
Background Talent: Deon Devante
Background Talent: Tiago Maroto
Background Talent: Richardson Desil
Background Talent: Andrew Paterini
Background Talent: Peter Grieco

Tokyo Production:
Producer: Kazutomo Tanjo
Producer: Ysuke Horio
Production Manager: Nakata Yoko
AD: Reggie White
DP: Masahi Muto
1st AC: Yasunobu Ota
2nd AC: Mizuki Mima
Camera Car Driver: Atsushi Terajima
Key Grip: Satoru Shimada
Body Double: Jordan Ballard
2nd Cam Op: Taiki Green, Sin Spirits

Post Production:
Edited by: Gibson Hazard & Kenny Shimm
Sound Design: Chris Smith, Randy Torres & Akseli Soini
VFX: Method Studios
VFX Supervisor (MS): Ivan Guerrero
VFX Producer (MS): Bennett Lieber
Additional VFX: Karen Arakelian
Additional VFX: Black Hat Studios
Additional VFX: Scissor Films
Additional VFX: Rhodium Studio
Additional VFX: aid6n.edits
Additional VFX: thesabdog
Graphic Design: Alessandro Commoti
Graphic Design: Reenostus
Billboard design: digiyams, leesgotasthma, gbcpierre, astrovetmonts, & internet_girlfrend
Additional billboard art: Lauren Tsai
Titles: Reduciano
Anime: D’Art Studio
Colorist: Josh Bohoskey & Alex Gregory

LUV MGMT: Jana Fleishman
LUV MGMT: Michael Brinkley
LUV MGMT: Amina Diop
LUV Engineer: Benjamin Thomas
LUV Groomer: Tenelle Veira
LUV HMU: Yalonda Clarke
LUV Barber: Kevin Clarke

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34 Responses

  1. Lance Stewart says:

    This is incredible, I was thoroughly entertained the whole time.
    I also kept thinking to myself “what am I watching” 😂
    Super Hype for the album! 🔥

  2. Eric Cartman says:

    It’s amazing to me to see how far music as a whole has come. Its so cool to see stuff like this, trailers for albums, short length films, and all kinds of other things really show how passionate artists are about their craft.

  3. Yu says:

    We can all agree that Uzi did NOT have to go this insane for an album trailer. This how u know it’s gonna be insane 💞📼

  4. ZAELTOP says:

    Já está incrível essa parada! ♦

  5. pugster_101 says:

    Super hyped for this album. His music is so different. It’s so goofy and has space expanding sounds. The man has worked hard for his music and his fans. Hopefully this will be the album of the year.

  6. Domeniks Bērziņš says:

    this is crazy uzi. i love u with all my heart. hopefully this album is your best one yet, you have put in crazy work over these past 2 years. i know u wont disappoint.

  7. Ramen🔥 says:

    The aesthetics, the animation, and the anime influence in this video are so amazing, this may be the best era for us Uzi fans in a while🙏🏿

  8. SebyPlayGames says:

    this album look like it going to be some heat and i love how he made the scenes look like an album and is wearing the pink diamond

  9. Zhiyun Crane says:

    Been rocking with uzi since luv is rage I’m so excited for this new era this is going to be album of the decade.

  10. WolfiePro48 says:

    Liluzi🔥🔥🔥 como siempre wow 🔥🔥🎸
    Me encantó este intro esperando el álbum 🎸🔥🔥👏

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