Post Malone: Tiny Desk Concert

Post Malone: Tiny Desk Concert

Stephen Thompson | August 15, 2023
The Tiny Desk has hosted plenty of major pop, rock and hip-hop stars in its 15-plus years, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one more agreeable or self-effacing than Austin Richard Post. Whether lamenting the state of his singing voice, joking about his nerves or sitting slack-jawed in awe of the fantastic band his people had assembled for this show, Post had the bearing of a lottery winner who wouldn’t even give himself credit for buying a ticket.

Before, during and after the show, Post Malone was a joy to have around. But he also just happened to bring a few of the biggest pop hits of the 21st century: Set-opener “Sunflower,” for example, has been certified eighteen-times platinum by the RIAA since its release in 2018 — that’s an all-time record — while the 2017 single “I Fall Apart” and 2019’s “Circles” lag behind at a mere ten-times platinum apiece. “Enough Is Enough,” which closes this set, enjoys no such designation, but give it time: A track from Post Malone’s new album Austin, it’s only been out for a few weeks.

So enjoy this set for what it is: one of the world’s biggest stars, performing a few of the world’s biggest songs, each set to a luminous arrangement. Post Malone himself seems surprised by how great this Tiny Desk concert sounds, and that’s not just the humility talking.

“I Fall Apart”
“Enough Is Enough”

Austin Post: lead vocalist, guitar
Hannah Juliano: vocalist
Elliot Aguilar: vocalist
Chauncey Matthews: vocalist
Kola Rail: vocalist
Destin Johnson: drums
Emily Rosenfield: guitar
Bobby Wooten: bass
Louis Bell: piano
Kevin Kuh: strings
Francesca Dardani: strings
Kiku Enomoto: strings
Kirin McElwain: strings

Producers: Bobby Carter, Suraya Mohamed
Director/Editor: Kara Frame
Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin
Creative Director: Bob Boilen
Videographers: Kara Frame, Maia Stern, Joshua Bryant, Zayrha Rodriguez, Sofia Seidel
Audio Assistant: Hannah Gluvna
Production Assistant: Ashley Pointer
Photographer: Catie Dull
Tiny Desk Team: Hazel Cills
VP, Visuals and Music: Keith Jenkins
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

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40 Responses

  1. Post Malone says:


  2. Project Nightfall says:

    Post Malone is the most wholesome gangster looking little boy spirited adult man, I love how he found his voice in music. A long awaited session here!

  3. Jules O says:

    Mad respect for not lowering the tuning despite his vocal strain from touring. What a great performance by Post and all the other musicians!

  4. Sal From Jersey says:

    Everything Post Malone does, he acts like it’s the most fun he has ever had in his life. A true gift to humanity

  5. pablo peña says:

    00:00 Sunflower
    03:26 Posty intro
    04:16 I Fall Apart
    08:13 Circles
    13:01 Enough is Enough
    17:14 Posty says Thanks

  6. Mox Kevin says:

    Seeing someone with so much fame yet so much humility is a wonderful thing

  7. Wilny Pierre says:

    NPR Tiny Desk is such a humble setting for artists; it makes one appreciate their humanity and commonality.

    • Neil Wood says:

      Post is the best of the modern bunch by far the way he changes up musical genres ✌️ ❤️ 🥊 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    • H x H says:

      It helps that he appears to be a pretty grounded guy just about everywhere I see him. I loved his recent interview with Zane Lowe.

    • this account says:

      It’s a great way to do an intimate concert leaving audience wanting more! Perfecto!

    • Yan says:

      I feel like it’s such a cozy and welcoming setting that it makes people recognize an artists humbleness and appreciate and remember their humanity and commonality. The shot of
      Him rubbing his hands when singing I fall apart is a good example of this. Another is watching the band smiling at each other and at themselves

  8. Daniel Hamilton says:

    The man really is talented and the heart shines through. Used to be a hater- now I see how much brighter the world is with Posty. 👏 👏

  9. King Jams says:

    When you see an artist perform live like this, with no autotune or assisted computer systems, you have to appreciate the levels, and he can play the guitar too. WILD

  10. Laura Fox Holloway says:

    An acoustic version of Sunflowers with piano and violins? Are you kidding me? Austin, are you kidding me?! Stunning.

    • Roberto Clemente says:

      He did something brilliant, which was to make the sound really *big* even though it’s acoustic. So it’s a really warm sound, instead of desperate or lonely. They’re all breakup songs.

    • Josh says:

      They have been with him this tour, he has performed with a live band, including the classical instruments. It was fantastic.

    • thomas ferguson says:

      Absolutely georgous

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