Playing SQUID GAME in Real Life! △○□

Playing SQUID GAME in Real Life! △○□

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Playing SQUID GAME in Real Life! △○□ with Brianna 👊


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FaZe Rug – FaZe Rug’s Sickening Smoothie Bar | #1 Chicken

The Royalty Family – TRY NOT to SCREAM Challenge!! (SCARY HALLOWEEN MAZE) 🎃

Unspeakable – We Survived OVERNIGHT In A CASTLE!


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27 Responses

  1. Shay Pillay says:

    The way Preston was fighting on the last round 😂

  2. Yizzy says:

    Can we all agree that when She upload our day gets better! 💖

  3. The wolf pack says:

    Everyone in the picture: smiling

    Preston:frowning and holding coffee

  4. Røxxéy says:

    🥺chase is like a child in an adults body, “did I step on it? Am I dead? ” was cute

  5. Rebekah Straily says:

    I laughed so hard when Preston took his cookie out of his mouth 😂

  6. lucy Bloxham says:

    Wow. Chase looks like he’s had a rough few months.

  7. TheSharkKing 00 says:

    Preston: im going to over power them—- Others : gets pulled onto the floor by the rope—-Preston: Throw’s dirt at them –Preston: Get In The Dirt!—– 3:14.

  8. Pls help me to my dream of 10k subs says:

    Who has been a TRUE fan of “BRIANNA” for a long time

  9. Sister Society says:

    Bri with mask on: Welcome to Squid Game in real life
    Me: She literally sounds like RZ Twin for those of you who know who RZ Twin is.
    Bri without mask: *sounds extremely cheery for a game of death*

  10. Ghost Rider says:


  11. sleepyfennec says:


  12. Spooky sophie 👻 says:

    I knew Preston would 🏆

  13. Gingerbread cookie Ginger says:

    Could You Stop Doing This Plz I’ve Seen So Many

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