Pokémon Meme Review (August 2023)

Pokémon Meme Review (August 2023)

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The August 2023 episode of ASPITPIAY aka Pokemon Meme Review!
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35 Responses

  1. MandJTV says:

    Sponsored by the Red Magic 8S Pro gaming smartphone! Get it here: https://redmagic.gg/pages/redmagic-8s-pro-launch or https://redmagic.gg/pages/redmagic-8s-pro

  2. P0T4SS1UM M4ST3R says:

    “There was water in that and my leg is wet” gives the same energy as my “disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined”

  3. MrOverKill says:

    I love that Mikey accepts the wedding invitation with zero hesitation.

    Or at least one would assume that way.

  4. Draeconian says:

    Fun fact: It wasn’t just one bad hypno that took some kid. Its Moon dex entry mentions how it carries off anyone who has good dreams. I believe the Ultra Sun dex entry means it’s not as much of a threat in /Alola/ because komala are around and perpetually sleeping, and thus make for better targets than humans who it would have to expend energy to make sleep.

  5. ChaoticFaeTy says:

    Mikey feeling jealous of his own personas is hilarious. We need to add him in more fanart.

  6. KittenChopper says:

    I love how goofy John is, so that you forget that he’s actually really good at battling, and afaik wiped the floor with WolfeyVGC(albeit in single battles)

    • Gengarzilla says:

      It’s like when someone takes off their clown costume and reveals a high-rank black belt underneath.

    • Original Character says:

      Wolfey and John had more back and forth rivalry in single battles kinda like Mickey and John in doing random stuff, the last time I remember them playing was in a random battles singles tournament and Wolfey won both the set of 3 they played

    • KittenChopper says:

      @Original Character I recently watched that video, and I believe he said that John wiped him the last time they played(before the tourney)

  7. Marvel.Potter{pLaYzZz} says:

    Mikey always find a way to put a smile on my face even when the days are dark he shows that there is friendship in every heart

  8. Nulizor says:

    Grunty Boi spinning away got me dying man.

  9. badwolf 2119 says:

    The story with the Minecraft parrots is when they were originally added they were tamed by feeding them cookies but the developers learned that chocolate is deadly to birds so to avoid anyone feeding their real birds chocolate chip cookies they changed the taming item to seeds

    • Luis Suazo says:

      They should kept it
      Minecraft is not real
      Don’t tell me, you got out there with bones to tame wolfs, do you?!?

    • badwolf 2119 says:

      @Luis Suazo it’s just how the Minecraft team does things they also removed fireflies completely because frogs can’t actually eat them it’s kinda dumb that a game where skeletons and zombies walk around wants to be “realistic as possible” but it’s just how they do things

    • ace 54 says:

      Wouldnt add sharks and other irl animals cause its too realistic, but would remove a feature to make it realistic.

    • Anafu-san Kanashi says:

      @Luis Suazo they did that because actual children also fed parrots chocolate chips after playing or watching others play online. rarely are decisions made without reasons.

  10. Linxo says:

    Gotta love the worry on Mikeys face when he saw an animation including Cynthia 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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