FNAF RUIN Unused Maps, Characters & MORE | LOST BITS [TetraBitGaming]

FNAF RUIN Unused Maps, Characters & MORE | LOST BITS [TetraBitGaming]

► FNAF Security Breach Lost Bits: https://youtu.be/R32ZUgXbJM4

Time now to finally check out some unused content leftover in Five Nights at Freddy’s RUIN, the expansion DLC for FNAF Security Breach! In this first video, we’ll go over a scrapped alternate design for the Entity, a ton of unused maps and more! Hope you enjoy!

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0:00 – Intro
0:39 – Unused Rabbit Model
2:38 – Entity Test Animation
2:56 – Real Gregory Secret
5:46 – Unused Maps
19:49 – Early & Alternate Ending Maps
25:49 – Survival Mode Returns?


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45 Responses

  1. Captain Squid says:

    Gregory spoke through the staffbot during my first playthrough (which was blind mind you) and I feel like it was a lot better story beat then what just normally happens, it helped the experience a lot

  2. Depressed CakKe says:

    The entity was probably changed because I’m pretty sure in the games it’s technically supposed to be a good character. It was just trying to stop Cassie from freeing the Mimic, and was probably programmed by Vanessa. Why would she make her protective security protocol look like a dead rabbit? It wouldn’t really make sense.

    • Sandwitch Zebra says:

      Random guess from me:

      In one of the Frights book, William Afton’s spiritual form is represented as a skeletal rabbit-man with a prominent ears

      Perhaps the SB team, knowing that the books were already going to be seen in a new light once Mimic was confirmed canon, decided to change the design to prevent further confusion and stop people from possibly making the incorrect conclusion that this is Willy boy’s spirit?

    • spino zilla says:

      yeah, the early look suggests the early story may have been glitch trap programming still active and still have murderous Afton personality

    • TetraBitGaming says:

      That’s very true

    • Solgaleo35 says:

      Yeah, what I was thinking too, the entity is the security program trying to keep the mimic trapped, maybe the early design was from when the story was different, like maybe the entity was related to the mimic/afton/glitchtrap/vanny/whatever before being changed to the security system

    • LLM Kursk says:

      Hopefully they reuse it at some point. Thing is probably the *actually* creepiest thing in the series, as it plays on how people recognize humans and their features by having both a rabbit and human skull fused together, rather than bunches of spikes for teeth.

  3. ErikaWithaKNotaC says:

    Maybe the “wire puzzle” is a reference to Roxy’s deactivation sequence? Considering all the other ones are marked by the Parent Nodes, with Roxy being a special case that happens in a cutscene, I think it would make sense

    • TetraBitGaming says:

      Maybe, but it would’ve have to be in a different spot

    • ErikaWithaKNotaC says:

      maybe Roxy was originally found elsewhere? Idk, but considering there’s nothing else relating to it in that map I don’t think it’s too unlikely.

    • Alexander Scout says:

      @TetraBitGaming hey tetra idk were else to reach you but i am sure what you called “mini foxy cove” was wrong considering how final game uses curtains and place for these fanf book looking things i am pretty sure that was the spot were mimic was supposed to come from well an early version ontop of that the fact its a reused asset with a tiny bit of more added on to means they were planning to reuse help wanted’s cut content but this would suggest that they may have talked to scott, to use that asset meaning at some point they learned why scott never used the asset (i don’t know who made the decision to cut said asset) but this interaction may ended up in them deciding they need to merge the book timeline and the normal fanf timeline together to make it less messy

  4. Justin Buergi says:

    My guess is that the red/purple arrows are supposed to be a path for the animatronics to follow and the player had to time things right to get through

  5. Dark Humour says:

    Given how it doesn’t make sense for the FNAF 1 animatronics to be in the FNAF 6 location (remember they were dismantled & burned in FNAF 3) the models at 24:09 were probably meant as placeholders for the *rockstar animatronics*

    Shame the Idea got scrapped, would’ve been cool to see other returning characters from Pizzeria Sim (not just Candy Cadet)

    • Average_Player says:

      but it chould have been an nice easter egg to really show where all this started

    • Toasted Perfection says:

      Yeah I thought the same.
      Sucks we didn’t see them, the Rockstar Animatronics are the most underutilized in the whole series.

    • I *Splat* says:

      I hope it comes back in maybe another dlc? The neutral ending is a cliffhanger which could lead to a second DLC for Security Breach.

    • ashura omega says:

      Honestly I would have liked to see Funtime chica and music Man

    • The 13 Year Old Bluey Fan says:

      @Average_Playeryeah considering this is the first fnaf game to not be made by Scott Cawthon. It would’ve been a nice little tribute

  6. Fred Fazbear says:

    When he finds a Demo version of ruin, I’d be excited.

  7. NightRaiderTea says:

    The “white box” maps look to me like a blockout map, where artists “block out” an environment with basic shapes so they can go over them in their art program of choice and paint over them to make the environments,, it’s used a lot in game design (source: I have a game art bachelors degree with honors lol)

    • NightRaiderTea says:

      Also they mention passes, they probably remade environments multiple times, I wouldn’t be surprised if it took more than 5 passes to reach the ingame outcome
      (At uni we were also told to constantly make new saves of the progress so if you screwed something up real bad, you go back to the previous save)

      Also the Gregorys are probably for scaling things like props or the animatronics.

  8. LeoDoesCos says:

    The very early version of the sinkhole with the original three could have been so interesting. What if it was planned to have Cassie walk in there being all confused why they’re there, only to have the Mimic jump out of that “pirate cove” to chase her. Maybe the Mimic was imitating the original characters voices, and the slice of cake was the Mimic only expecting her to appear down there. But who knows what it actually would have been like! I like to think it was just a funny reference to the cancelled showtime from VR as well, lol.

  9. UltmateRagnarok says:

    10:59 These red cubes may be placeholders for dialogue triggers, perhaps. One of them is optional for looking around and the other is probably somewhere along where the area becomes distinctly less safe and you have to rush to complete the puzzle.

  10. Wako Doodle says:

    Man if only that unused rabbit was added for when the cutscene takes place and you take of the mask.

    Sort of showing for a brief moment what it actually looks like outside the VR reality before phasing out, as it’s not in the real world.

    • the lumberjack King says:

      That would be absolutely incredible

    • SomeBodyKares1 says:

      Though that be cool saying that it would be visible outside of the AR headset would mean it has to be physically there yet its being treated as an AR Entity so it fades away? I feel like having it seen outside the AR headset would kinda defeat the point of it being an AR Entity. Though it be cool if like it could be unlocked by doing a very specific task at the start of the game thats only un-lockable once you’ve gone through the game once already.

    • aquariusdog6 says:

      I felt like it should have chased Cassy when it tried to escape the MYRS machine but it would have actually escaped lol

    • the lumberjack King says:

      @aquariusdog6 good idea it realizes it’s getting deactivated so switchs to to scary more dangerous nightmare form

    • Petrol Head Motorsport says:

      ​@the lumberjack KingI get that it’s a cool scenario, and I believe that as well, however, the only problem with that is since we’re so close to the Mimic by that point there wouldn’t be any need for that really. Maybe if the deactivation terminal was closer to the Afton ending room, then maybe it could chase you in short bursts through the tunnels right up until the room before the Mimic, where it is crushed by falling rubble.

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