Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – Pokemon Presents Reaction

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – Pokemon Presents Reaction

Pokémon Day 2022’s Pokemon Presents revealed the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Pokemon legends Arceus DLC, and Shaymin event with Oak’s Letter for Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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39 Responses

  1. Gabe Staton says:

    I must have the fire crocodile (english name Fuecoco). The environments look much more polished, better lighted, and more lived in than any other Gen so far. Needs some polishing of course but I am so excited to see what’s up

    • Boat Guy says:

      Honestly I love every single One of the starters thus far, except the Grass cat. I don’t know what it is, but all I can see looking at it is furry bait. I don’t know it’s maybe just my Instincts telling me something was Sus in the creation of it but I dunno

    • Temporary Dreams says:

      They do not look that polished lmao, the character and Pokémon models tho>>>>> so nice, but the textures on the environment is awful , I’m sure they’ll improve by release tho 💯

    • Sensei Dorsch says:

      please tell me a pokemon game that looked better after the trailer. Pokemon was never a game that impressed with graphics and thats okay for me but i didnt agree with the “yeah it only looks like that in the trailer when it comes out it looks better
      ” Argument

    • blvrzz says:

      my recent vid is way better y’all little kids are clowns 🤡🤣[|]¥^^€€{£}£¥£

    • Mariano Dasein says:

      We can technically say it’s their Spanish name :3 Fuego/Cocodrilo

  2. PWojo97 says:

    The outfits for the main characters in Scarlet and Violet initially vary depending on the version; Scarlet, their outfits are more red, and Violet, they’re more purple. I say initially because I don’t know if I like them (they’re a different direction on the initial player outfits, usually they’re more like leisurely or athletic clothes; now they look more like school uniforms, maybe there’s a plot reason for that, like the whole start of our adventure is like IDK part of a school project or something), I’m expecting there to be some level of customization (if this is Spain or Italy, I would be disappointed if there wasn’t a reference to fashion), if this is an updated version of the PLA engine I don’t know why there wouldn’t be. I also want to see some reference to Rome; maybe a legionnaire Pokemon (I’ve been thinking about a fossil Pokemon that’s like a Centurion mammoth; like a mammoth covered in Roman armor) or regional form, or maybe that’s the regional villain team.
    EDIT: After thinking it over a bit, the villain team might reference to like the Spanish Inquisition or the Conquistadores, or a bit of both, either way there’s some potential there.

    • Sandwich says:

      @signerleo snyder did you have a stroke?? Are you ok???

    • SwitchMaster2021 says:

      Ah yes, my favorite school project, catch 1000 pokemon and beat 12 pokemon masters

    • signerleo snyder says:

      @Keith McCarthy oh so you want them to remove that sutff guss you forget the black game freak get form not havein it in or as fans liek that sutff your par fi the proimble if you think it ok for gf to remvoe sutff

    • Flashy Karrot says:

      @MrBob no.

    • Keith McCarthy says:

      I don’t like the new character outfits or designs at all but thankfully Pokemon games nowadays allow you to customize clothes, hair, eyes, etc to the point where they don’t look anything like the original ones.

  3. Zmind O-Seven says:

    Man, as a Spanish person I love that we are seeing Pokemon represent portugal/spain… being able to play pokemon in a region that shows off our culture is friggin amazing… I can’t wait!

  4. Supersaiyanluigi says:

    Pokémon needs a “new game plus” feature I’ve always wanted to play through the story again with all my favorite Pokémon ! Let’s get this added!!

  5. TheBestJoJoReference says:

    I’m so excited for Pokémon SV! The world looks really beautiful and the starters are all so cute! Definitely team water duck, maybe he’ll evolve into a Water/Steel pirate?

    • childofgaru says:

      honestly, i think hes going to turn into a matador with the hairstyle he has

    • Undrhil says:

      Lol. Pokemon Law and Order SVU

    • Shalz says:

      Since this is based on Spain & Portugal, my theory is that the water duck will be based on the Don Quijote/Don Don Donki chain of discount department stores. Their mascots are 2 penguins with hats. Donpen (blue) and Donko (pink). I don’t think they’d do water/steel for the same reason they’re going duck instead of penguin: the piplup line.

    • Cream says:

      I’m not a fan of water steel but i’m also team duck, how could you not like quaxly

    • seraphimprince says:

      Someone said the common theme for Water types is weapons. Cannons, a strong maw, big arms, steel fins, arm blades, water shurikens, a siren’s voice, and sharpshooting water-bullets. A weapon for that Water type is not that impossible.

  6. Selgoth says:

    People are forgetting that the “square” map that appears is not just Spain, but it looks 100% like the Iberian Peninsula, so inspired by both Spain and Portugal.
    We have the “castle” looking place with the big Pokeball that looks like the Sagrada Familia and the squares look inspired by Lisbon, and on the live action parts of the teaser you can even see Portuguese Mosaics, so definitely an Iberian Peninsula inspired region!

    • Riz Ki says:

      The duck is inspired by bullfighter

    • clubOrange says:

      so disappointed lmao. we already had 2 european regions. i know the iberian peninsula is different. but for YEARS ppl have been asking for a south american region. coast/jungle/and mountain regions. widest animal variety in the world. game freak’s new obsession with europe/america is pissing me off lmao. i mean i’ll probably love this game either way. but god was it a gut punch

    • Deus dos Lenços says:

      @Francisco Nóbrega SIUUUUUUUUUU E obviamente que o campeão iria ter um Cinderance se fosse o caso.

    • Deus dos Lenços says:

      @Thai Food a post game would fit the Wild islands that Portugal and Spain have. Think “Corvo” is one of them.

    • Deus dos Lenços says:

      @Daisy Torres Figueredo siga siga é mesmo isso.

  7. EndlessNight025 says:

    I really want the Grass kitty to stay on all fours and maybe evolve into something like a sabertooth tiger. Please, PLEASE don’t let the final form be another bipedal feline 🙏🏻

    Also happy that we’re getting a region based on the Iberian Peninsula. 😁

    • R7 says:

      @Nomadic Gamer cry

    • Murloc Masher says:

      @Zeatrix M. Delphox has always looked feminine to me because of its dress. Not a furry, so whatever a “voluptuous build” is; Id rather not see it. Definitely hope it’s not bipedal tho

    • Zeatrix M. says:

      @Murloc Masher The way Delphox is dressed up you can’t really tell. It’s not really Voluptuous.
      Gardevoir is a slightly better example and Lopunny is an example. But I can see the Cat being between Gardevoir and Lopunny, like you can still see its natural build but it also has a leaf dress/skirt on or something if it was bipedal.

      But tbh I see the cat still being on all 4s looking like a badass cougar, panther, or a Lynx.
      The Iberian Lynx is the main big cat in Spain and Portugal which this game seems to be made after.

    • Murloc Masher says:

      @Zeatrix M. basically Delphox

    • Nomadic Gamer says:

      I know, right? I learned my lesson with Litten. Never again.

  8. DeathxEnabled says:

    The rare shop guy(the guy where you get the rotom items from) has a list of stuff you can choose now instead of a single item. Pretty cool and minor but definitely easier to get certain items

  9. Al Sal says:

    It’s based on Spain so I’m happy to see some color! I loved Pokemon Sun and Moon cause of the color palette. I hope Pokemon scarlet and violet have the same vibrant colors. ☺️ So excited for this game.

  10. Atlesi Feyst says:

    i like how all the other streamers are freaking out and you’re just quietly smirking to yourself in a good mood. looks fun, i enjoyed PLA. hopefully this game feels a little longer / has a bit more endgame content.

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