Postgame Interview: Deion Sanders after Colorado’s NAIL-BITING 2OT Victory over Colorado State

Postgame Interview: Deion Sanders after Colorado’s NAIL-BITING 2OT Victory over Colorado State

Deion Sanders sat down and spoke with reporters after the Colorado Buffaloes’ NAIL-BITING victory over the Colorado State Rams in double OT.

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Postgame Interview: Deion Sanders after Colorado’s NAIL-BITING 2OT Victory over Colorado State


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46 Responses

  1. CFB ON FOX says:

    Can you believe what is going on at Colorado right now? 🤯

  2. r r says:

    Never have I woken up and said I got to watch that postgame press conference…. Deion has changed all that.

  3. Greg Ghelfi says:

    The fact that Dion addresses all the reporters as “sir” and the mutual respect the reporters give him. You can hear a pin drop behind the person speaking. Huge respect! Confidence and respect, the makeup of a true man. Dion is that! I have never seen a press conference lke this.

  4. Charla Portee says:

    As a mother I would let any of my kids play for this man. He is setting these kids up for greatness outside of football. It takes a village and we need people with this mindset in our young peoples lives.

  5. Sam Lunter says:

    A player’s health is more important than the game. Thank you Deion Sanders for being a great human being. ❤

  6. Kenneth says:

    Love Deion. I have not watched college football in years. I’m an artist. But Deion’s commitment to excellence, his focus, his hard work and passion…THESE attributes are to be found in any successful person or organization. Whether it is an athlete or artist, plumber or nurse or any human looking to achieve and/or survive, Deion’s intelligence and sensitivity is on full display. And it inspires me greatly.

  7. Sadie says:

    Deion Sanders is wordsmith. Deions phrases and profound positivity make him my new motivational guru. Watched him as NFL Superstar, MLB player, commentator and as a coach. I’m so glad Primetimes back in the spotlight where he belongs. He shines so bright he has to wear Blender Sunglasses.😂

  8. ShadomanG says:

    NO wins are easy—So very proud of Coach Prime & Colorado. They never gave in & gutted out a gritty victory. Smooth seas never made skilled sailors & they delivered within adversity 💪🏽

  9. Lamar Walton says:

    Deion is a boss player. He handled that other coach like a G and didn’t hate or rub it in and kept it moving. That’s why he’s prime time

  10. That’s So Keysha says:

    As a lifelong Deion fan, I’m sooo proud he’s showing his talents in all environments!!! We Seminoles are proud of him!!

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