Mario: The Infamous History of Level 5-2

Mario: The Infamous History of Level 5-2

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36 Responses

  1. Summoning Salt says:

    Thanks to the following people for help with research! Be sure to check out their channels:


  2. Online says:

    I really like how he realized that a lot of his viewers know whats a framerule is and was just, “Let’s have a little bit of fun.”

    • Tinil0 says:

      Going in I was like “If I hear about a motherfucking bus one more time I swear to god…” but he made it entertaining so it works.

    • TheBfutgreg says:

      “Let’s have a little bit of waiting at a bus stop”

    • Guillermo J Perea says:

      Notice this however: it’s a bit of breaking the 4th wall, or self awareness, but every time creators that didn’t do it started doing it, it was because they started to get bored and was the beginning of a decline in quality. So I’m hoping this will stay as a small joke, but it raises a small red flag for me.

    • Halfpipesaur says:

      It’s not like the bus analogy is all over the comments anytime Summoning Salt mentions it

  3. Hyper M. says:

    “Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect.” – Raymond Teller

  4. xabu says:

    Big fan of these smaller-in-scope videos. Spending more time on one trick makes the run easier to follow and the history more appreciable

    • Alexalibur13 says:

      It’s what Summoning Salt is best at. I adore his long form documentary of entire games but I think a video like the 4-2 is still his best because of that.

  5. Aukora says:

    As Kosmic once said “It came about the same way new tricks usually do in these games: one day we just decided we’re gonna do what the TAS does”

    • Roberto Villagran says:

      That’s such a fire line, what a legend

    • Jim says:

      When I first discovered speed running I didn’t understand what TAS was, I thought it was people pulling that stuff off in real time. I guess now they actually are.

    • Danneo says:

      ​@Jimwhat is TAS?

    • Satwik Tripathi says:

      ​@Danneoit’s a program playing a game as fast as it could, employing various game breaking strategies. Full form is Tool Assisted Speedrun.

    • Aren says:

      ​@DanneoA TAS run allows things like using save states and using a program to automatically press buttons in order to get a frame perfect run. They’re meant to show the theoretical best speedrun. Often they become a blueprint for world record players as seen here.

  6. Herbie says:

    Always love when andrewG gets the ball rolling in these Mario runs

  7. TheLawman23 says:

    Salt was SUPER self-aware in this episode and I AM HERE FOR IT

  8. BRKsEDU says:

    Between this and the recent Wave Race 64 discoveries I wonder how many records and techniques that we never realized were / are being used abroad without us knowing.

  9. MiseryLovesYou says:

    I like this more casual, humorous approach in the video. Don’t get me wrong, a full-on 1 1/2hr SS production is always great. But the relaxed, light hearted feeling of this video was just as good and fun to watch. Thanks for making this, SS!

  10. ExoticChaotic says:

    This video and other examples like the rainbow ride skip in MK64 really demonstrate how much can go undiscovered due to the amount of eyes on a game. I really wonder what cool and neat tricks in some other niche games are left undiscovered because they belong to such a small crowd. I’d love to see it.

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