Postgame Interview: Deion Sanders recaps Colorado’s dominant win over Nebraska in Week 2

Postgame Interview: Deion Sanders recaps Colorado’s dominant win over Nebraska in Week 2

Deion Sanders sat down with reporters to discuss the Colorado Buffaloes’ win over the Nebraska Cornhuskers in Week 2.

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31 Responses

  1. Landin Lewis says:

    Every Colorado game is must see football this year. Deion is changing the entire dynamic of the NCAA.

  2. Peyton Conrad says:

    “Not a baby daddy but a father. That is what I have been.” Deion is teaching lessons to all of us.

  3. Logan Hoche says:

    He is changing so many lifes with his words and acts of a man. Thank you Deion

    • Ogee Travels says:

      Yup Definitely ! Then gave me a boost of confidence I don’t even play sports no more ….think more people with this type of mindset should be coverage more love what his son doing with YouTube ..wish somebody had done this with Kobe and Jordan when I was coming up ayou get to see the real Deion on a daily basis and it definitely robe off on you

    • Tung Mob says:


  4. Derrick Hughes says:

    Deion is a perfect example of a good coach, father, and friend. Much respect to Deion for what he’s doing and the way he’s doing it!!!👏👏👏

  5. DRJ2002 says:

    He’s the best in these post game interviews…. No canned answers or generic responses. He answers and he means it. He’s changing the sport and I’m here for it.

  6. Ronald Zent says:

    Deion Sanders brings such a positive energy and an attitude of winning. Think it’s historical having a Father coaching his son. I’m more a UCLA fan, but great kudos to Colorado so far, think they play both USC and UCLA this year. GO BUFFS, used to think that Prime was just a show off, high stepping into the end zone with his hand behind his head, but really he could play, probably the best corner ever. Hope everyone stays healthy and safe, Hope Covid doesn’t derail everything either. This man brings so much to the table. Think he really enjoys helping to mold these young men into not only becoming great players, but good upstanding human beings.

  7. kevinerosa says:

    Played in a World Series, Super Bowl, and a first ballot hall of famer. Now, he’s showing how he can mold young men in college. Deion is just doing side quest now.

  8. dirvon white says:

    the fact that this man have over a half million views for an press conference interview shows how everyone in this world 🌎 love to hear 👂 this man speak 🗣️ he’s an true legend !!!! all these 5 star recruits next year will be silly if they don’t wanna play for this man ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. michael overstreet says:

    “Never let my confidence, insult you’re insecurity”-Deion Sanders, Prime Time. His entire essence revolves around instilling “BELIEVE”

  10. M3 WIllie says:

    Deion is such a great dude. He literally includes all the kids when people try to single in on one and that’s special.

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