POV: When you turn 18, you get contacts that give you superpowers

POV: When you turn 18, you get contacts that give you superpowers

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40 Responses

  1. Samuel says:

    When the contacts make almost everyone deaf and blind

  2. Evan Otaku says:

    So the Eye Contact turns ian into a ghost like Danny Phantom 🔥.

  3. Gamur Xiao says:

    Let this man have his own Netflix show

  4. I'm Still The Same Guy. says:

    “My guy just went to the land of the dead”

    By the way I think I found my superpowers, my contacts make me ugly, that’s my superpowers lol.

  5. Emilio Dimas says:

    The fact that this is #3 on trending is astonishing and really shows how low people’s standards on what a good video are.

  6. Kerry Santos says:

    Ian is awesome he’s an amazing content creator

  7. GabysWorld says:

    “The results are out, your blind”
    “I see”
    ” Oh *shat* your good to go then 🤝”

  8. help me and ian boggs reach more than 10M sub😊 says:

    I love the way that he always finishes his POVs by “huh” :”)

  9. D BEST GAMER says:

    Those are the same case I have for my contacts😀
    My prediction for this series (which probably won’t be finished coz that’s what Ian does) is that it is among us with ghosts

  10. Soggy Pancakes says:

    That was so interesting and I want to be invisible and silent because that way I don’t have to go anywhere

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