Preserving a Pumpkin in Solid Resin… Will it rot?

Preserving a Pumpkin in Solid Resin… Will it rot?

We continue our quest to preserve a carved pumpkin in resin. Will our jack-o-lantern survive? Thanks to our sponsor Squarespace, go to for 10% off your first purchase. Go to for Words Are Hard floral limited drop!

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• Why is there a lump? MULTIPLE lumps!
• Why we almost didn’t tackle this project
• What we’d do differently if we tried again
• How this compares to past resin pumpkin projects
• Why we almost didn’t make the base
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32 Responses

  1. Evan and Katelyn says:

    Don’t miss our on our Words Are Hard Floral limited merch drop! Designs only available til November 18th

    • Fancyincubus says:

      I just use batter powered candles then when Halloween is o we bake the pumpkins in the oven and put a spoon full on my great Danes food just another way to not waste it it’s good for doggy’s tummy when it’s not rotting

    • AnimationGaming says:

      Meatball is now ghostball 👻 👻👻🎃🎃🎃

    • LifeOfNigh says:

      Wouldn’t it work if you pour resin into the pumpkin first (sealing the eyes and mouth first), then squish the lid on with a hole in it to let the air out (or to pour more resin in if it’s not filled) then when it’s cured inside, take the tape off, and fill the outside.

    • Natalie Hammell says:

      Next time you could try putting the pumpkin in upside-down (maybe use metal hooks to hang him from the bottom while the very top cures so it is level enough).

    • Donna Bilic says:


  2. Cheyenne S says:

    Now I’m wondering what it would be like if you made a silicone mold of a carved pumpkin and then made a resin copy?

    • ChibiChula says:

      That one would actually work but they’d need a sponsor for silicone to get that done because even with fill-in pieces that will be a big and expensive mold. Probably would also need a frame built to hold the mold in place while the resin cures too. 😅👍

      Honestly might be easier for them to make a fake pumpkin out of pool noodles and paper maché, honestly. They could even make it competitive by seeing who could make the better one! Except I get the feeling we’d end up with a pumpkin painted black with pink frosting and sprinkles on top, lol. 😂 …Or a pumpkin eating a pink sprinkle donut? 👀

    • Omg_Its_Friend says:


    • Rogue says:

      I as gonna say just make the pumpkin out of resin to begin with

    • Composing Chaos says:


    • Stuffy-Mation says:


  3. Jordan Roberson says:

    Evan and Katelyn are the only YouTubers I don’t skip the sponsorship segments because they’re genuinely entertaining 😂

  4. gopens89 says:

    Watching you two try to resin a pumpkin has become one of my most cherished Halloween traditions 😆

  5. Blondbraid says:

    Now I want to see Evan and Katelyn go the other direction and deliberatly encase a living mold ecosystem in resin to see weather it can keep growing in there.

  6. Jack Reynolds says:

    I love that this has become my yearly tradition over actually carving pumpkins haha!
    For next year you should encase the pumpkin upside down so there is no air bubble to get stuck at the end (could even have a mould/form that you put in last and remove leaving it hollow for internal lights. But keep up the amazing work, love your channels x

  7. They are my crocs says:

    “we remembered mold release!” *literally less than a minute later* “WE FORGOT TO LEVEL IT” I love the chaos you guys have, it’s the funniest thing 😂

  8. OldPotatoBen says:

    It’s incredible how their channel went from very formal short tutorials to this.

  9. Soupy Studios says:

    I really just love how much detail they put into their sponsors. My favorite part of the video was also when Evan said “it’s pumpkin’ time” and pumpkined everywhere and left. Wait a minute… PUMPKINS ARE FOR PHOTO SHOOTING AND WHAT NOW? 🤨 oh well, just remember! Not even the release of death can save them from our cold resin grip! <3

  10. Secret Forreddit says:

    I wonder if the heat of the curing resin cooked him a bit and somehow messed with how he adhered to the initial coat of UV resin. Looking forward to the 1-year update!

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