President Biden visits Ukraine | February 21, 2023

President Biden visits Ukraine | February 21, 2023

Today on CNN 10, we’re traveling to Ukraine after President Biden made an unexpected trip to the nation. Later this week marks the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion and the United States is pledging new military support for Ukraine. Sticking with international diplomacy, we’ll analyze the most recent missile tests from North Korea and speak with an expert on the perceived danger level. And we’re on the hunt for zombies, but not the ones you typically think of. All that and a dog vs. shark battle, right here on this episode of CNN 10.

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9 Responses

  1. Library Nan says:

    Biden ignores America is the true title of this piece.

  2. Alex Brandenburg says:

    Hey Coy! You are killing it on CNN10!! We love checking in everyday. Shoutout to Mr. Brandenburg’s SOAR class at South Middle School in Grain Valley, Missouri! We always say here “It’s a great day to be an eagle.”

  3. Joey King says:

    Maybe if we rename our Texas border “Ukrainexas” Brandon would go.

  4. Mme Coulombe says:

    Hey Coy!! Would love a shoutout for 7C at George St Middle School (go bears!) in the small town of Fredericton, located in New Brunswick, Canada! Students get to vote each month for their Social Studies “warm up” at the beginning of class and this month, they voted for CNN 10! They LOVE watching you every day and discussing the stories. I’m sure it’ll be the preferred warm up for a while! Thanks!

  5. Lindsay Allred says:

    Happy Tuesday to you, CNN10! We see you and thank you for bringing us the news. Have a great day! We would love a shout out to Rosedale North Middle School in Bakersfield, California

  6. 10thacount YouTubesux says:

    Joe probably went to see the kids 😂

  7. James Bond says:

    How about visiting Palestine in the US and trying to help them?

  8. Nicholas Grossman says:

    Sounds like he’s picking up the 10 percent he was promised!

  9. Olivia Kruse says:

    Thanks for making WIN a blast! We 💗 CNN10!! From Hastings Middle School, NE We would love a shoutout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁🤩🤩🤩

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