Presidential Pets: a Brief History

Presidential Pets: a Brief History

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“Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, Movement I (Allegro), BWV 1049” Kevin MacLeod (
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41 Responses

  1. @Suzukibob69 says:

    Sam is like a bad dad. You never know when he’s gonna show up again, but it’s always exciting when he does

  2. @reinhardtkukkuk6662 says:

    I love how Sam just kicks down the door after 4 months of nothing, throws down something absolutely random and leaves. True power move with every video.

    • @leonardocoutomaciel4997 says:

      I bet he decides to just hit random pages in wikipedia until he finds one he likes enough to make a video about. Then he takes some months drawing stuff and here we are

    • @scp-173. says:

      i woldent be suprised@@leonardocoutomaciel4997

    • @tijgertjekonijnwordopgegeten says:

      To be honest I wasn’t expecting another video for at least a year, this is unprecedented consistency from Sam.

    • @verysadboi8517 says:

      Btw if you guys didnt know Sam has a second channel called Sam O’Nella Vlogs which he use to post videos about other topics, the most recent one was 2 months ago where talks about the ambiguity of item effects in the rougelike genre

    • @eddsworldlover says:

      Probs bc there’s at least 4 separate channels that all popped up in recent months trying to takeover his niche lmao. If I saw a bunch of creators all heavily influenced (to put it lightly) by my wave, ofc I’m coming back to remind everyone who the original is.

  3. @HeisenbergFam says:

    7 years later and not only Sam’s art increased in quality, but he also called us adults

  4. @austinbaer5559 says:

    Sam made 2 videos this year and they both had over a million views in less than a day. His content is so rare it’s an instant hit. Genius.

  5. @bashfulwolfo6499 says:

    Sam’s art has genuinely improved so much, I’m always awed with how accurate the drawings are for human faces (especially for the Hoovers)

  6. @SnapshotOfASoul says:

    Lincoln once remarked one of his cats was smarter than his whole cabinet. He also had a horse named Old Bob and another named Old Tom. Old Bob got to be in a statue with him. Old Tom was snubbed and I find this a grave injustice.

  7. @ILuvBanannerz says:

    I like how Sam’s art style has gotten progressively better whilst also somehow getting more terrifying.

  8. @sinjinreed2091 says:

    Of all the people that Sam O’Nella inspired, none can match the random, circuitous comedic genius that he effortlessly employs.

  9. @Apopcyp says:

    Also Jackie later admitted she ran out of topics to talk about with a Russian ambassador and she asked about the dogs from orbit. Pushinka was then sent over on her own private flight without asking the kennedys if they even wanted a dog! She said she might be to blame for introducing the idea.

  10. @gamerman6494 says:

    Sam O’Nella sneaking a picture of Dreamybull in is something I never even consider in multiple timelines. One of the few times a video made me laugh when watching by myself.

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