Why Is The Day Before SUCH A SCAM?!

Why Is The Day Before SUCH A SCAM?!

The Day Before is the funniest, most blatant scam video game I have ever seen. Never before has a video game launched in such disastrously spectacular fashion. The Day Before is one for the record books. It’s so bad, it can’t even function as a proper scam.

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____Time Stamps____
Introduction – 0:00
IGN Gives Their first 1/10 in a Decade – 3:01
FNTASTIC Shuts Down & Gives Up – 3:41
Writing on the Wall – 5:14
Plagiarism – 8:44
Developer’s Responses are HILARIOUS – 9:47
Asset Flipping – 12:08
FNTASTIC Tweets – 14:13
Conclusion – 19:48

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31 Responses

  1. @TheActMan says:

    The Day Before I had the will to live

  2. @Kazrel_VO says:

    Seeing people actually fall for this blatant lie and then try to defend it made me lose some more of my hope in humanity.

  3. @akend4426 says:

    This is literally the equivalent of doing your college semester’s term paper at 3:00 AM the day you have to turn it in when you didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention during class.
    Actually, even THAT might be too kind for The Day Before!

    • @Deathmare235 says:

      I don’t think college is the right analogy since at least with college you have to be willing to go there, the devs weren’t even willing to make an asset in their game

    • @rd2680 says:

      These guys did the equivalent of copy-pasting an entire Wikipedia article, and praying no one notices.

    • @stanleymorse3260 says:

      I guess they really did make the entire game… The day before

    • @taoofjester4113 says:

      ​@rd2680 I briefly worked for a company that literally did that for their training manual. In fact, it was such a shit job. When they printed out the manual some sentences were underlined, which happens when it is a hyperlink.

      The parts they actually did write were not even ran through a spell check. Or ever reread. They spelled a person’s last name three different ways in two paragraphs.

      I was let ho after pointing out what a shit job of plagiarism it was and was part of the reason they had a 90% turn over rate.

  4. @unnameddelta38 says:

    Thank you for mentioning the release letter, where they say “to the player who didn’t believe in us” and then this disaster occurs. I havent really seen it being mentioned the audacity of these guys to try and call people out in the letter, only to be complete fuckups.

  5. @dabadman00 says:

    The saddest part of the entire thing is that the moderators are forced to make damage control not even for the game/studio but for themselves so they can find new jobs later on without being called unreliable or malicious.

    • @reveriesduh says:

      What moderators dude? It was a bunch of 15 year olds and absolute morons that moderated the discord. None of them were professionals or fit for the position they occupied in the first place.

  6. @akend4426 says:

    The Day Before is honestly proof that there should be a video game equivalent to the Golden Raspberry Awards.

  7. @PatrickBoyda says:

    I think this is a genuine look into the future of what a lot of producers and devs are gonna try to do, in both games and probably film and TV. It’s the ideal cost-cutting they aspire to, there’s no unions, artists, creators or tradespeople they have to go through. They literally won’t have to pay anyone to work on the project — they’ll just have an AI generate an idea and write the script, then they’ll purchase assets and fill them with artificial voices and pre-existing face models.

  8. @justsomerandomcowpoke.6617 says:

    This game literally feels like unfinished homework that the devs rushed on the school bus

  9. @balintgyuri6555 says:

    With how shady the dews are acting, I think it’s possible that they knew it was going to be a massive L, but still took the miniscule chance of success with their thumbs on the self-destruct button. Or they didn’t get the funding but still went ahead and released the game so at least they could say they did something.

  10. @grey_apache says:

    Absolutely insane that the studio somehow thought this would work

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