Project Playtime In Real Life

Project Playtime In Real Life

This video is sponsored by Pokémon Unite! Click here to download! Use code: POKEMONDAY23
o Rewards:7-Day Limited License: Mew, 7-Day Limited License: Dragapult, Knight Style: Charizard (7-Day Holowear Rental)
o How to exchange: 1. In Pokémon UNITE, go to the Daily Events screen. 2. Select Gift Exchange from the menu on the left. 3. Select the Exchange button in the middle of the screen.

Boxy Boo, Huggy Wuggy, and Kissy Missy in real life! Who thinks Huggy Wuggy will be back in chapter 3??

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28 Responses

  1. Cookie Girl says:

    Can we agree that Shiloh and bros never ruin our day, but rather, make it better?

  2. Hydralost says:

    I love the way they mix animation editing and real people to get a movie-like effect, quite underrated.

  3. Sharkboss _1234 says:

    Don’t we all love a daily dose of Shiloh & bros?

  4. Kello QQ says:

    These episodes just keep getting better and better: the acting, the CGI and the fact that you guys have your own storyline. I love you guys so much!!!

  5. RonicTheEgg says:

    I honestly don’t know how they can pull this of in such a short deadline. They were my childhood and it’s really fun seeing them in the future

  6. Wild bananas says:

    Don’t we all love Shiloh and bros and they make our days 100x times better!? ❤️

  7. Emjo Fravien says:

    As usual, you guys failed to let us down. Keep up the good work.

  8. Adam's IQ says:

    Oh wow! This is amazing in so many ways. Nobody expected to get another video on the viewer side, and the way you worked so hard on it was amazing! This was the prequel we were never asking for. And having Mary be the one to save the others was a great treat considering she got out early for so long. Oh, and I can’t believe you got sponsored by THE Pokemon company to promote Unite. Not going to lie, this made me want to go start playing it. Overall, a round of applause is due.

  9. Snatch says:

    I love how this is a prequel to your original Poppy Playtime video and how it shows the origin of Judah’s cat tape . Great touch!

  10. SCR0LL says:

    Can we just appreciate how much work they put in to make our day better

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