Tom MacDonald – “Superman”

Tom MacDonald – “Superman”

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WRITTEN BY Tom MacDonald

DIRECTED & SHOT by Nova Rockafeller

VFX by Jared Potter

MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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27 Responses

  1. Scott W says:

    The country is divided and we definitely need a Superman.

  2. DonKing says:

    My American vets…I appreciate everyone of you for your service and sacrifices… God bless you all 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👊

  3. Brandy Sharkey says:

    Omg I’m freaking balling my eyes out. What a great Marine Corps birthday and Veteran’s day song! What a tribute to those who fought and fight for our country. From a retired Marine’s wife and my son who is a officer in the ARMY thank you for always trying to bring awareness to those who deserve gratitude, they need to know even more right now that they didn’t waste their minds, bodies and families for such disrespectful little brats that have done nothing but burn our country down or they believe that rules don’t apply to them because that’s how they’re being raised to believe. Thank you for showing all these cry babies what the American dream is all about. They all say “he’s not even American” well exactly it’s how he is proving that the American dream is about hard work and dedication and determination.

  4. Crypt says:

    Man, I really liked this one.

  5. Wilford Easton says:

    You nailed it Tom as a Canadian Veteran I can say your lyrics are spot on loved it. Although wars are fought over religion, power, territory, freedom, the number one reason modern wars are fought today is simply and purely for GREED. Young men and woman being killed for what? the almighty dollar it is sickening. Keep on be you Tom. Cheers

    • julian adams says:

      you nailed it with your words. thank you for your service, I have many friends and family active and non active but forever military and what they do what youve done cannot be covered by any words of gratitude. you have my up most respect

    • RealPujitJain says:

      Thank you for your service 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  6. Veryl Pingley says:

    Thank you veterans for all the service and sacrifices made for this country. And just thank you Tom for taking a stand when we’re living in the times that we are. Your music is way better than anything that mainstream puts out. Your music has opened my eyes to what’s going on and I can’t thank you enough for that

  7. Jj King says:

    I’m a combat veteran and all your music hits home, after my two children passed I didn’t know how to get through it and you helped

  8. Bubba Patton says:

    This song has all of the things to hit your heart.

  9. GregLev33 says:

    This reaches into the soul. We know what’s happening is wrong. The world must unite.

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