PSA: Don’t Send this Photo on Discord!

PSA: Don’t Send this Photo on Discord!

There is an ILLEGAL photo that is floating around that if you send it on Discord, YOU WILL GET BANNED. Doesn’t matter if it’s in DMs or in a Discord server.

This is not some bogus hoax or clickbait garbage, you will get banned. To try to figure out what’s going on, I sent the image in an empty Discord server. I tested this on an alt account (and I got banned in 72 seconds, I am the discord ban speedrun champ). But why did I get banned, is the image anything bad? From the surface it’s just a normal photo…

Also big big big warning, do not try to send or download this image if you do stumble upon the original. As you will see, this is not an image you want to have lying around.

Discord Server


00:00 – Warning: The original photo is illegal
00:12 – Is this real?
02:10 – Why does this photo ban you?
06:39 – Why you NEED to avoid this!

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51 Responses

  1. No Text To Speech says:

    Warning: The original photo is part of an illegal video. Do not share it and do not ask for information to find it.

    The photoshopped photo of ryback eating popcorn will not get you banned. I just replaced the original bad photo with a more lighthearted photo to ensure YouTube doesn’t get mad at me and people don’t get in trouble for screenshotting the video.

    Finally, half of yall need to think before you do something. There’s a reason why the photo gets you banned. There’s a reason why tons of crap is censored out.

  2. ThatOneSaltyFilipino says:

    My man valiantly sacrificing his own safety to get information like this to the public. You’re the hero we don’t deserve but we absolutely need.

  3. FissionMetroid101 says:

    I was expecting the image to secretly have some kinda malware in the image file. I did NOT expect it to take such a dark turn

    • bigburgerboi2005 (Main Channel) says:

      same here! Holy shit, this video totally caught me off guard!

    • Ectotide says:

      yeah ngl i expected it to be a code exploit in the image data or something in that vein

    • UnfunnyBozo says:

      The image is from a chips eating asmr

    • LatiusAuro says:

      I was not expecting it to be that the image contains some Pizza Eating eXtreme Only Slices. Also, this is something Musk may get in trouble about as the original post may still be up – thus, the Cheese Pizza is still there.

    • Sunny says:

      When ntts brought out the DNA and hash explanation, I expected this to be a hash collision – an extremely rare event where two different images produce the exact same hash. So a cheese pizza and a cat image for some reason both get turns into hash “1234”, and since the pizza database contains only the “1234”, if you upload the cat image you mistakenly get banned. Well I was wrong. God damn.

  4. Zeno says:

    bro you are a true hero here, risking your own safety to notify us about this.
    really hope you won’t have troubles with the authorities.

  5. vlame says:

    It is horrible that those kind of images exists. This should’ve been avoided at all costs

    • Nixxxxxx says:

      The image itself is perfectly innocent, but since the image is based of a video of said bad content, any still images of the video, bad or not, is all wrapped and considered bad all together. Aka, picture of a video before anything even happened, still counts as an image from the bad video.

    • User says:

      @Nixxxxxx Probably for the best imo

    • Archimedes5000 says:

      @Userah yes, everyone enjoys getting banned for no reason

    • User says:

      @Archimedes5000 I think it’s for the best because predators can use “innocent” parts of csam and use it as the thumbnail.

    • Archimedes5000 says:

      @Usermay they use whatever the fuck they want as long as it’s legal, both predators and everyone else lmao

  6. Kirrw says:

    Thank you for this PSA announcement and for taking it so seriously and yet keeping it as lighthearted as you could, mad respect

  7. ❆Đông❆ says:

    The biggest mystery here is probably regarding to the 1st person who found this picture, how did they even acquire it? And how did they even know it’s dangerous to spread it all over the internet.

  8. brick says:

    Discord users keep on finding loopholes to stuff, but the platform focuses on other things like, profile effects for £19.99

  9. DaMack5 says:

    So glad that NTTS is willing to break ToS and possibly the law to bring us the content we need ❤

    • VADemon says:

      You meant guilty until proven innocent thanks to automatic scanning.

    • Bene Bene says:

      he did not break tos. He just got wrongfully flagged for otherwise harmless content. The source of the image does not change the fact that the image does not contain anything illegal.

    • chirone says:

      fr he never fails to spread our cheeks and fill us up with all his glorious content 💯

    • RomPom says:

      ​@Bene Bene The image is by far not harmless lol. People have claimed that the image is a screenshot of a CP video, which is why it breaks TOS as the image algorithms will link to that video, or orher frames of it. Considering several people in the first Reddit post discussing this made the same claim, it is safe to assume they are right.

  10. The MAZZTer says:

    I guessed it was a CP detection related thing from the get go.

    I get why they are so aggressive about bans and reports, but I’m surprised they would check for individual video frames that themselves don’t contain CP. With hindsight it’s clear that this can be abused to trick people into getting themselves banned and maybe even clogging the system with false reports against innocent users. Hopefully Discord and other services continue to adjust these systems to ensure innocent users don’t get tricked into bans while not compromising the detection capabilities against real criminals.

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