PSG vs Strasbourg | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 12/28/2022 | beIN SPORTS USA

PSG vs Strasbourg | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 12/28/2022 | beIN SPORTS USA

PSG struggled to beat Strasbourg and claim all three points thanks to a last-minute penalty converted by Kylian Mbappe.

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34 Responses

  1. J says:

    Don’t know how these guys are playing club matches already, I am still trying to get over the World Cup 😪

  2. Franklin Maldonado says:

    Marquinhos always make a deflection 😂😂😂

  3. Miki says:

    So good to see Mbappe score that last minute goal and celebrate with Hakimi.
    They needed that after the World Cup, especially Mbappe.
    Young stars.

  4. AephusD says:

    This is how you should title a football match! With no scores indicated!

  5. Jon Harris says:

    Mbappe gets way too much credit.. He missed 4 sitters! 🤣

  6. TK says:

    Hakimi is a True Homie holding Mbappe’s jersey like that 🫡

  7. Drippy says:

    Neymar getting a red card was a surprisingly wild sight to see, especially since Ramos is on the field too

  8. Fede Borghesi says:

    “A win they’ll be talking about for quite a while.” Who? They just barely managed to beat the second to last team at home. This was a pathetic performance by PSG.

  9. laenzednem says:

    I swear Marquinhos is always on the end of an unlucky deflection

  10. crashbandikewt says:

    4:17 that meg from Neymar was brilliant, sad that he picked up a red this game but he’ll bounce back next time. Also wonderful stuff from mbappe as always

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