Qualifying Highlights | 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix

Qualifying Highlights | 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix

An incredible first qualifying session of 2022! In the Bahrain desert, Red Bull and Ferrari battle for P1 with some surprising names in the mix in Q3.

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44 Responses

  1. John Doe says:

    Hülkenberg outperforming Stroll is hilarious. Untrained, short notice, zero track time, and still faster. Love to see it.

  2. Kenal P says:

    Magnussen’s incredible run will give a huge boost to Mick’s confidence..Haas will be in Midfield…Keep going Haas!!

  3. Marcin Ziółkowski says:

    Magnussen is the real MVP today. Alonso beaten by 0.4, he beat Mercedes also. Stellar performance

  4. Second Channel says:

    Couple of nitpicks about the new graphs:
    1. The knockout zone is completely missing for some reason
    2. Either the purple sector has changed meaning (I figured it kinda means “faster than current P1”) or it is completely messed up. Seeing a purple sector pop up really was thrilling. You know, the true “fastest time”. Watching this, I got completely lost on who was actually doing better. I mean, sure, lots of drivers in the last Q3 run were faster than then P1 Sainz, duh. I’m pretty sure this is exctaly how they do it in MotoGP but with red instead of purple. I’m not saying that knowing if they are improving the current fastest time is not interesting information, but maybe change it to red and keep purple to the true fastest sector.
    3. Make the laptimes and difference to leader larger. Like please, from a distance I couldn’t tell.
    4. Bring back the colour band to identify teams. Team logos look nice as a complement but can be hard to distinguish. When they occasionally change to driver numbers, then it is completely impossible to tell who is driving the same cars and hence who is doing well and who is doing poorly.

    The rest is cool. It has an overall cooler look. I really like the logo, session and timer on top with the band that changes colours for yellow and red flagsa and the pits sign is finally clearly identified.

  5. waran bhaat says:

    Looks like Haas is going to get more points in this ONE race than the WHOLE of 2021 season combined 😳 😆
    What a comeback by K-Mag 👌

    • creepcrafting56 says:

      You got Gio’d (qualifying well but falling outside the points)

      All jokes aside, let’s go Haas! Get them points!

    • NeonColored aka Manuel says:

      @Dee the BandanaWolf championship battles featuring Lewis are always exciting, as long as he doesn’t win in the end… 😛

    • Gerald Ma'ga says:

      @Dee the BandanaWolf LOL even after losing the championship, people still go against lewis

    • Raka Gunawan says:

      absolutely not going to happen

    • Dee the BandanaWolf says:

      @Vol deMort Don’t jinx it just yet! Let’s hope Merc doesn’t come back later in the season, like they always do. I wouldn’t mind Russell doing well tho, just not Hamilton.

  6. Supercharged Petrolhead says:

    Ferrari very well might take the constructor championship this year….

  7. Steven St says:

    Such an exciting season we got coming up, Max and Charles are going to have insane battles this season. Wheel to wheel they’re the most aggressive drivers on the grid.

  8. Ayn_Rando says:

    Why are we not freaking out over K-Mag… Nikita gets bounced… He has 10 minutes of practice and boom! Top 10 qually. I am pulling for K-Mag this season

    • Lyza Scarlet says:

      @Z3NGV chill

    • Z3NGV says:

      10 minutes of practice 🤦‍♂️ he got almost 100 laps of testing and has been in F1 for 6 years, so hes a vet.
      People think these drivers forget to drive overnight. Look at Hulk and Stroll.
      Lets see the Race tomorrow and the season before we start handing out gold medals. Lol

  9. Mil Sek says:

    I love how well Bottas and K-Mag performed! It will be a glorious race!

  10. Joe Shelton says:

    Man, the tifosi is going mad over that pole for Leclerc, that’s amazing to see Ferrari on top again. Can’t wait lights out for the 2022 F1 season to begin.

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