Qualifying Highlights | 2023 Italian Grand Prix

Qualifying Highlights | 2023 Italian Grand Prix

It was an incredible qualifying session from the Temple of Speed. Watch all the best bits here!

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42 Responses

  1. IyusJeon says:

    I love the fact that Albon in a Williams car making Q3 appearance is not surprising anyone anymore. I salute you sir

    • Saka Rider says:

      He did better than the both McLarens that where the 2nd best car on paper, Piastri needs to get sacked….

    • pyro says:

      @Saka RiderConsidering he out-qualified his team mate I’d say that’s a questionable decision.

    • yvrytry5rc says:

      Another quali another snoozefest courtesy of max “talentless” verstappen using an overpowered car to bully the rest of the field

    • Oscar Stegland says:

      ​@Saka RiderThis track suits the Williams much more than the McLaren. Don’t think anyone expected McLaren to be the 2nd fastest car around Monza…

  2. MHDFR says:

    Wow.. Lawson is promising, its amazing he can set the time just behind Yuki.

    • T makabu says:

      Didn’t a certain Dutch driver who used to race for AT did really well in a Williams in 2022 on this track? I wonder what happened to that promising driver.

    • Track Time says:

      @T makabuthat ‘certain’ driver was almost 30, champion of a different formula division and backup driver for years. Cant compare.

    • Angus Rule says:

      @T makabu what’s that got to do with Lawson? If anything it’s easier to compare since Lawson is driving the same car as Devris and is already doing better. Not sure why Devris doing well in a Williams has anything to do with it 😂

    • KC says:

      ​@T makabuhe got cocky, he should have drived a Williams instead of that little red Bull team

    • sgru says:

      behind who? The famous and multiwinner Yuki, oh ok

  3. Rob112 says:

    Oscar & Alex are the two drivers who legitimately deserve respect for what they’re accomplishing !

    • Wingnut1989 says:

      Let’s be realistic, Max is going to break almost every record in the books this season. Doesn’t that deserve a little bit of respect?

    • Chánh Khiêm Trần says:

      @Wingnut1989In true F1 fans’eyes,yes
      In F1’s drama fans’s eyes,no

    • snussy says:

      ​@Wingnut1989obviously it does but thats not relevant to the comment. Boot licking die-hard max fanboi detected. Saying this as a true max fan, chill out 😅😂

    • SIC says:

      ​@Wingnut1989why do you brings up about Verstappen, who Drive for a top and currently best team with the best car? Is it wrong for a F1 fan to liking driver other than your Hero Verstappen?

    • MR Bitcoin says:

      Add max and liam on the list

  4. Tsk703 says:

    People tend to forget that Piastri is in his rookie season in F1…that boy will be in F1 for years to come

  5. AV_TBK says:

    6:32 goodness me the enthusiasm from the engineer is unmatched

  6. Ian Podmore says:

    Great to see Alexander Albon getting some love. He’s performing out of his skin this season. Also shout out to Piastri, looks like he’s got a great future ahead of him.

  7. KirbyX2🧟‍♂️ says:

    Seeing Sainz on Pole is awesome! A Ferrari on Pole in Monza! What a great thing to see!

  8. Diogo Sales says:

    Albon doesn’t need wings on his car. It’s just to look cool

    I’m really glad for him.

  9. Archie J M Miles says:

    That Williams and Albion combination is brilliant

  10. Blueblackfire97 18 says:

    Sainz on pole, Albon in the thick of it in 5th. What a session for both drivers!

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