Rating 10 YouTuber Brands

Rating 10 YouTuber Brands

Buying, unboxing, and ruthlessly reviewing these “influencer” created companies! MrBeast Feastable cookies, David Dobrik’s Doughbriks Pizza, Airrack’s Pizzafy, Popflex Active, Brad Mondo hair dye color, Brooklyn and Bailey’s ITK skincare, Chloe Ting activewear, and Moriah Elizabeth’s paint set (none of these are sponsored).
MORE YouTuber brands: (Jeffree Star skin, Social Tourist, Etc)

EVEN MORE YouTuber brands:

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25 Responses

  1. Brooklyn and Bailey says:

    AH LOVE THIS!! So glad you included ITK and loved the products:)

    ❤️ your proud YouTube siblings haha

  2. julia grace says:

    For the Moriah paint set, she wanted to do pastel colors because high quality paints of those are harder to find than black and white colors, and the things you don’t know what they are are called dotting tools

  3. Ju says:

    PharmD undergrad here! The ingredients in the gummies are supposed to work for hair&nail growth, but except for the biotin (although I haven’t seen anything about its efficacy in oral form, it is great for hair growth when applied topically) vitamins only help if you have a deficiency of any of them… like, taking vitamins when your levels are normal doesn’t do anything for you and can actually risk you having hypervitaminosis – which has detrimental effects on your health. If you do have deficiency of any of them though, it will help in the sense that the lack of them leads to hair and nail breakage and supplementing will prevent this 🙂

    (Just want to add that my comment about vitamins isn’t just about B&B’s product, it’s a general comment and goes for any unnecessary vitamin supplementation. ITK is actually a great skincare brand and their topical products all have clinically proven ingredients, I strongly recommend their line!)

    • Lisa Melroy says:

      This is great information. It’s why I stopped taking a multivitamin every day, so as not to overdo. I try to take one once or twice a week instead. 😊

    • Kelly Hills says:

      @xoxjelloxox You’d find a biotin serum, lotion, oil, or other sort of product that can be applied to the hair.

    • xoxjelloxox says:

      How can you topically apply the biotin?

    • Ju says:

      @HopeScope I’m glad I helped <3 also I did some research and saw that biotin is also effective on capsules/gummies 🙂 I just never personally took it, but when I used topically in my scalp it did wonders!
      Unrelated, but just wanted to say you’re an amazing person, Hope <3 your vids really helped me get through some tough days, thank you for being such a kind hearted human being

    • HopeScope says:

      Thank you SO much for this insight!! I think I have only ever been advertised biotin in oral gummies/capsules, so that is so interesting to hear that topical is actual pretty effective!

  4. Summer_Blossomsz says:

    For Moriah Elizabeth’s paint set, the tools you held up asking what they were, I am pretty sure they are dotting tools and like tiny detail tools!

  5. Carie J. Pippins says:

    I love the Under Armour Infinity bras. Little pricey, but totally worth it. They wash in regular laundry really well and are really comfy. I wear them to work in a factory and I’m in them for 12 to 14 hours a day.

  6. EJ Fredette says:

    I love the Under Armour Infinity bras. Little pricey, but totally worth it. They wash in regular laundry really well and are really comfy. I wear them to work in a factory and I’m in them for 12 to 14 hours a day.

  7. Suhani Bansal says:

    On that paint set, those are dotting tools! Moriah uses them A LOT in her channel! And her paint set is literally all her vibe crushed and packed into the set, which might explain the not so normal shades of the paint.
    Hope it helps!

  8. alyssa smith says:

    Can everyone appreciate the effort hope puts into these videos like I can’t get enough of watching your videos I love them so much and you are literally my idol

  9. The Te says:

    Just wanted to say that Moriah only had those pastel colours, because they were hard to find and she uses them herself, and the dotting tools are for little details.

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