Redneck vs “Sweet Tea”

Redneck vs “Sweet Tea”

Timothy knows you the only way to make Sweet Tea is to add a shocking amount of sugar while it’s brewing

Co-write w/ Andrea Kelley

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47 Responses

  1. Nunya Business says:

    I hate that people think you can just dump sugar in unsweetened tea
    It’s already cold 🙁

    • M J says:

      @Zinan zine No. It’s not the same. You need to brew it and add sugar while it’s hot.

    • Race Allen says:

      i hate that people think that every restaurant has sweet tea then gets mad when they don’t, and when we provide an alternative they say that “i hate that people think you can just dump sugar in unsweetened tea, its already cold :(“

    • Shimp-Fied-Ice says:

      that’s what the sweetener is for

    • Cowfat says:

      @Race Allen i hate when restaurants have a bunch of other drinks but won’t have sweet tea which is one of the most common drinks and then act like they do have sweet tea and just bring you iced tea with sweetener and act like it’s the same

    • heheheHA says:

      @TheAVJ2 patience is a virtue. Tea’s already cold, nit going anywhere.

  2. Bel Noir says:

    Yo I watch your whole reel..I can def a server once upon a time..I’m def that blonde knew everybody business and had customers that couldn’t relate and had to break it down. I love it❤

  3. Joe C says:

    Definitely southerners because they call every soda brand coke

  4. Zombie Tea says:

    “I’ll get you a Coke. What type?”
    “Dr Pepper”
    That floored me for some reason.

  5. The White Rabbit says:

    Tim and Terry is the best show ever.

    Roll Tide.

  6. Danito says:

    I love how he’s become familiar with him as a regular, knows him on a first name basis 🤣

    • Susan💌🔞 says:

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  7. Thurston Lee says:

    Being a native of LA (Lower Alabama) , I must say that these Tim and Terry skit are absolutely incredible. Amazingly accurate in every way.

  8. Thats Meat Man says:

    The “I’ll get you a coke, what kind” really spoke to me as a Texan

  9. Sarah Stewart says:

    As a Southerner, I can’t believe he cooperated that fast. You do NOT mess with sweet tea

    • Rich Smith says:

      @TERRY LYNCH liquid heaven

    • McHale Martin says:

      @TERRY LYNCH iced black tea with a fuck ton of sugar. its amazing

    • Laura Orta says:

      The tea is black tea thats heated, while heated you put in the sweetener or straight sugar, then mix it in. If you do the sugar while cold it won’t taste the same and will not be balanced throughout. Thats just from a fast food worker in the south ^.^

    • Kyriakos P. says:

      There’s lore behind it so it checks out.

    • YouDidn'tSeeAnything says:

      @TERRY LYNCH the issue with putting sugar in tea after it’s been brewed and chilled, is that the sugar doesn’t dissolve all the way, and settles at the bottom. So when you drink from a straw, you get mouthfuls of wet granulated sugar. If you don’t use a straw, the last swigg you take is just tea soaked gelatinous sugar. *OR* you can attempt to alleviate the issue, by vigorously stirring the tea before each time you go to take a drink, to get the sugar spinning around, in the attempt to get some sugar in each sip. It just ain’t right to sweeten your tea once it’s cold.

  10. Pepper says:

    Tim and Terry is the best show ever. 💚💚💚

    Roll Tide.

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