Ren – Su!cIde (Official Music Video)

Ren – Su!cIde (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Louis Mardlin
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24 Responses

  1. EarthyBlendPOV says:

    You’re a beautiful soul Ren. Thank you for everything you do.

    • Jakob Kellner says:

      Yes, a beatiful soul, you hit it !
      I am gonna travel to England because of him to See him live❤

    • Dave Thornton Photography says:

      exactly my sentiment, what a truly unique & special soul, the world needs this right now with all the BS we’re being told to comply with

    • Daniella Elaine Kilcline says:

      Already had it on repeat

    • Etha says:

      Second this

    • Kris Mcgowan says:

      My exact thoughts! Not interested in these type songs but his way with words are masterfull ,world & life topics could only come from someone goin through or been through it makes me want to & not live his life which is a weird juxtaposition as normal subcontious would have stans wanting 110% to be in their “idols ” place, for an artist so young he’s found a look on the world I’ve not long embraced at 40 & fk me I’ve lived a few lives 😂, mad respect!!

  2. KS says:

    Wow, Ren! This is unbelievable! You are elevating pain on another level, mate. Thinking about the amount of shit life has put you through and you go out there and turn yourself inside out for everyone to see. What a masterpiece you’ve created again! Those emotions, the rawness, the lyrics, the bloody visuals,… oh my god! And like in “Hi Ren” just when we think we made it through to the end you take us to the cleaners. I’m sitting here crying me eyes out. Feeling so sad for you suffering that much pain and at the same time being blown away by the beautiful art you keep blessing us with.
    One day, when you feel the time is right, the stage will be yours, Ren and you will be descending on the Glastonburys of this world like a shining light and the crowds will be there to open their hearts and souls for you like you open yours for us right now. Or they might switch on the fuckin’ TV and watch you on Netflix for that matter… can’t wait either way. Keep going bro!

  3. Aizlyn Lucero says:

    I’m not an emotional person but watching and paying attention to the lyrics the 3rd time, that hit me hard. I’ve never had to experience anything close to losing someone and I felt like I have when I listened.

    Ren, your lyrics, tone, and even flow in every one of your songs feels different than any other artist I’ve listened to. Black pegasus already gave you their flowers, here mine to you 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

    • Truth Teller says:

      First 2 times I felt it but the 3rd time is when it really hit me also. I actually cried, it’s so much raw emotion and sadness

  4. Holger Bück says:

    Hi Ren, you’ve been leading me through my spring tunnel again the last few weeks. 10 years ago my brother started suicide. We were warned we were too close and we were broken. We gathered this year and held a memorial. We saw the pictures of my brother and read his texts accompanied by your music. May pain and madness not take away from us the essence of a soul beloved by us plunge into our heart. Thank you thank you very much.

  5. Maria Solarz says:

    I’m sorry for your pain Ren ❤

    This is a masterpiece. The lyrics and incredible artwork really paint a picture of how depression feels. After watching this, so many will realise that they’re not alone in feeling this way. Hi Ren is also a song I go back to when depression creeps back in, the ending especially hits hard. It brings the hope back, with grateful tears streaming down my face.. everytime without fail.

    Thank you so much for all you do ❤

    • SnL The Simulation says:

      Love you Ren im glad you got this out your an amazing example hope your able to move on in peace soon.

  6. Simone RM says:

    I am so apathetic at this time of life that it is really strange to feel empathy and such strong feelings from a music video. A hug to everyone who resonates with Ren 💪🏻

    • Lady of Darkness says:

      I know the feeling. I can’t bring myself to do anything productive all day, and then spend the evenings hating myself for it. Ren is one of the few things that makes me feel better. Much love to everyone, you’re not alone, and you’re all important. Never forget that.

  7. laurafromliverpool says:

    It feels like a privilege to be allowed so far into your heart Ren. I’m sorry for the pain you feel.

    • Seek Your Need says:

      sometimes it’s too much to keep it in and with that, he will continue to help those that are afraid to reach out.

      we are witnessing a big push in the movement that’s long overdue. 🫶

      Thanks Ren, your vulnerability is inspiring further than you know. You understand marketing and how to get into peoples souls of all ages, job well done and you deserve to find your own inner happiness.

    • Ana Milojevic says:

      Beautifuly put!

    • namoric says:

      That’s it. those are the words I was looking for. Well said.

  8. simply simon says:

    Another poignant song Ren! Sure Joe will always be with you wherever you are. Big respect and love brother ❤️🙏🙏

  9. Amanda Collins says:

    Thank you Ren, everytime you create one of these honest vunerable songs , I see it reverberate through the male population around me. Ren is the sound of healing, Ren is the sound of talking it through, Ren is the sound of trusting that there is kindness on the other side of our words . I hope you get the help you offer the rest of the world. ❤

  10. Honest Watch Reviews says:

    Ren opened up his soul and let us right in on this track. It was so raw, honest and vulnerable. This is exactly why Ren is such a special artist. He truly is a generational talent.

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