Retrieving stolen goods speedrun (11.31 seconds)

Retrieving stolen goods speedrun (11.31 seconds)

strategy 3 is tested and proven to work

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36 Responses

  1. I am MoBo says:

    Subscribe or get your vacation stolen

  2. Scyonix says:

    The peasant is the most famous yet least famous person in the kingdom, at this point he should be in the history books.

    • joe says:

      @I am MoBo We will see about that

    • Solar Flare says:

      So “infamous?” i think

    • Relic says:

      He speedran getting in the history books by getting banned from the history books

    • YTProGaming says:


    • chihuahua says:

      @WhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanAyyWhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanSheSayThatImCoolImLikeYeahThatsTrueIBelieveInGODDontBelieveInTHOTSheKeepPlayingMeDumbImaPlayHerForFunYallDontReally Fr

  3. Eren the birb🕊 says:

    Dark knight: “What can you do with that small thing?”
    MoBo: “That’s what she said-”
    *Ooh a self burn, Those are rare.*

    • The Cock says:

      @WhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanAyyWhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanSheSayThatImCoolImLikeYeahThatsTrueIBelieveInGODDontBelieveInTHOTSheKeepPlayingMeDumbImaPlayHerForFunYallDontReally ㅤ

    • The Cock says:

      @WhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanAyyWhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanSheSayThatImCoolImLikeYeahThatsTrueIBelieveInGODDontBelieveInTHOTSheKeepPlayingMeDumbImaPlayHerForFunYallDontReally bro wtf is that name lmao

  4. Just a wandering catboy says:

    “give it back.”
    *sips choccy milk aggressively*

  5. Eren the birb🕊 says:

    The king: “Hey, I never said that-”
    MoBo: *”We don’t say a lot of things, The silence says it all…”*

  6. Blexzy says:

    Let’s all agree that whenever I am MoBo uploads our days get so much better ❤️

  7. risk says:

    Just want to thank you for the great content 💚

  8. Belula says:

    “I must warn you i take a lot of self defense classes.” At that moment he knew he was dead

  9. Adam.aiman Azli says:

    this man is too powerful to be kept alive time to join his army

  10. Salt says:

    Can we just thank MoBo for always curing our DESIRE for laughter 😂🤣

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