Rick Sanchez VS The Doctor (Rick and Morty VS Doctor Who) | DEATH BATTLE!

Rick Sanchez VS The Doctor (Rick and Morty VS Doctor Who) | DEATH BATTLE!

The Time Lord duels the Rickest Rick!
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36 Responses

  1. Sean Campbell says:

    “Blink as much you can. They’re scared of rapid movement.” Loved that

  2. Jonathan Sands says:

    It’s important to point out: the Doctor didn’t use the D-Mat. He merely arranged things so that when Rick tried to shoot him, he shot himself instead. Causing the episodic “bad guy” to be hoist by their own petard is rather SOP for the dear Doctor; if you ever choose to atone and mend your ways, the Doc will move Time and Space to assist you — literally — but if you persist in your ill-chosen path despite his offers otherwise, he just helps make sure your fate doesn’t take innocent bystanders with you.

    • Prince Teclis says:

      Saving an innocent kid from a mad old genius with a god complex. Just another Monday for the Doctor.

    • game universe says:

      I just knew it was over for Rick when they only mention the other dangerous weapons in just a black box and only explain the d mat I would laugh if they explained the moment or heart of the tardis

    • The Unseen Path says:

      He did use the D-Mat just not in the conventional sense it was a strategy he manipulated.

    • Craxin01 says:

      Remember what Davros said about the Doctor? He doesn’t use a gun, he takes people and turns them into weapons. In this case, he took Rick and made him a weapon against himself. And, let’s be fair, we all know that’s how Rick is going to end, he’s going to screw up and end himself.

    • Wave Master says:

      @game universe The tear, and who could forget a moment in the doctors life where three separate factions showed up to save him, each with mass genocidal weapons and more. The doctor was horrified by this, however any one of those weapons are a deadly threat to Rick.

  3. Brandon Flowers says:

    There’s never been a pointless conflict that Rick could walk away from.

    • wildrook says:

      This one had killed him.

    • R MacKenzie says:

      ​@wildrookDeath is merely an inconvenience for Rick. Dematerialization would be likewise a mere inconvenience.

    • GruntsKOMe says:

      @R MacKenzie De-Matting is removing your existence from time itself, it’s not an inconvenience. It’s complete and total removal, not even project phoenix can drag you back from it.

    • Brandon Flowers says:

      @R MacKenzie Feels like having his existence wiped from a timeline is bigger hurdle than even Rick has dealt with before.

      Death is small potatoes by comparison. Rick has prepared for death. Getting snipped from time makes it impossible to be prepared for it.

  4. Razzrazz90 says:

    I think my favorite part about the fight is The Doctor’s “fighting style”. He disarms Rick, hacks & overloads his equipment, traps him in a precarious situation and tricks him into destroying himself.


    The dedication to The Doctor’s character is incredible.

  5. M6 says:

    The animations and the voice acting for these battles are nothing short of BRILLIANT. FANTASTIC. EVERYTHING

    • Lee says:

      The Doctor’s was amazing, obviously, and at first I thought the Rick voice was okay… Until about 17:17 where he lost the voice and just turned into a 70’s Surfer Dude out of nowhere. I actually thought it was done on purpose at first, and that the Doctor was going to kill him, but then it’s revealed that it was actually “Surfer Rick” from another universe or something when Rick C-137 pops back in to continue the fight but… Yea, just the real voice they went with I guess.

  6. Pale Prince says:

    I LOVE the moment where Doctor ALMOST took the weapon in his hands, but, in the end, he stayed with his principles. “I am the Doctor”!

  7. Super#2595 says:

    “Morty, if you forget me than I will haunt your ass.” I love that Rick is not even mad that he died, he’s just mad at Morty for forgetting him.

  8. Andrew Gan says:

    Really like the smaller details. Like since Rick mentions knowing the Time Lords, it’s nice to see he knows to shoot both hearts.

  9. Ryan Knutsen says:

    It’s cool that Wiz and Boomstick have been able to do Deathbattle on their own for years without any new characters or co-hosts

    • Kamike Serpentail says:

      There’s been like three other characters, even if they’ve been more minor.
      DUMMI, Ringmaster, and Jocelyn the intern.

    • A M says:

      Unless you count Jocelyn and Ringmaster. But maybe they could do with another one. Someone or something that Wiz can test his weapons on. A disposable unit that Wiz can make over and over again for investigating these meticulous matchups.

      Then again, why change what works?

    • Mindshuffler 333 says:

      ​@A MI don’t know. Seems like they’d get depressed and apathetic over time from being the whipping boy.

  10. KingJGamer says:

    I’m kind of shocked that the Tardis just let Rick keep his weapons working rather than breaking them, I remember that was a thing in the comics where the 13th Doctor was held at gunpoint and the Tardis just broke the gun the moment it entered.

    • Starkiller1289 says:

      It’s probably part of the “no interference” thing.
      Kinda like how Otacon took out Sam Fisher’s help but didn’t/couldn’t help Snake directly.
      The Tardis dealt with the clone/copy Ricks but didn’t disable the main Rick

    • Kai Creech says:

      the Doctor states in Classic that it’s impossible to fire a gun in the TARDIS while it’s flying, and in NewWho Series Six he says it doesn’t always work

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