Riding The Fastest Roller Coaster In Disneyland

Riding The Fastest Roller Coaster In Disneyland

We took on the Craziest Roller Coaster in France, space mountain! This was absolutely insane lmao
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video edited by @elodiegif

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34 Responses

  1. Lonely Sandwich says:

    That was the most wholesome ending to a TommyInnit vlog ever. Like ever ever.

  2. layla mock says:

    they all went through so many obstacles to come full circle in the end, what a touching story. maybe the balloon man wanted tommy to keep that balloon forever as a memory of him

  3. BlinkyTheTC says:

    The balloon story was so sweet. It’s adorable that you kept the balloon man. Have faith that the person who handed you the balloon that day sees it and goes, “I wonder how he’s doing now.” 🎈

  4. Scooter says:

    I love how in all of his vlogs he creates a story line to get watchers hooked. His video were he rides insane roller coasters for example, he wanted to ride the biggest one to get a girl to like him, it mentioned at the beginning, a few times in the middle, and then resolved at the end. It’s truly a great way to get people hooked and it works on me for sure, Tommy is an excellent story teller and I really do like his vlogs. I hope he continues to post vlogs with this format

  5. SpaceyKadet says:

    My favorite part is a kid telling Tommy he’s “as old as the castle”, he’s finally got a taste of his own medicine! XD

  6. Indigo049 says:

    That was the most wholesome vlog I think that Tommy has ever filmed. It’s so sad at the end when they tie the balloon hoping the worker will see it. Well done Tommy, you have made something chaotic and wholesome to bless your community.

  7. Skylar Tolstoy says:

    Phil and Kristen: Being a normal cute couple

    Wilbur and Tommy: Being chaotic shits

    Ahhhh just perfect

  8. Flareon Girl360 says:

    A roller coaster of emotions with a spice of wholesomeness at the end.
    I was waiting for this vlog and this was not disappointing. Good job, hope you all had fun

  9. Fiona says:

    This was one of the wholesome, chaotic and sweetist vlogs i have ever seen. You can be so proud of your work tommy, i love your videos that make me laugh and feel better everytime.

  10. Jane Bond says:

    Phil and Kristen being wholesome. Mixed with Tommy’s chaos and Wilbur with Minnie Mouse ears

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